Enhancing money receiving range in banks

  • Recently BR's got changed a bit and a small range got implemented where Criminals have to stand while robbing the bank, if that's not the case they don't get any money.
    The range is very small and I've seen many people who aint that experienced in BR'ing who always wonder why they aint getting money. I agree moving away from the first room at LS, SF & LV and defend in the corridors but the range there should get raised like a few metres. There's most times not enough space and a few metres would solve this problem already. But this is just a problem besides, the main problem are the County banks. Hard as fuck to defend and no possibility to crack with 2 members same time. The range there Should be fixed asap since it's actually fucked up on the right side of defending. Criminals can only defend from the left side or have to move down the stairs in order to get a payment.

    Screens of how the range could be at LS, LV & SF:
    alt text
    alt text
    This wouldn't affect the cops at any way since it doesn't give robbers more options to defend, it's just a bit more safety.

    Screens of how the range could be at RC, BC & TR:
    alt text
    alt text
    Changing this would get Criminals a advantage indeed, but like it is right now it's too hard to defend. This should balance it.

    The main suggestion is for the County banks, LS LV & SF are just a thought.

    credits to tunafish (Tuned)

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  • Wow his first good idea.. I’m proud but yea there’s good defense positions where you don’t get paid so +1

  • @Reggi said in Enhancing money receiving range in banks:

    Wow his first good idea.. I’m proud but yea there’s good defense positions where you don’t get paid so +1

    Thats the 20th time someone says to me its my first good suggestion 😒

  • I agree, this is a big problem in the county Banks. Would be nice if this is changed. Good idea!

  • Hmm Nice Idea

  • Hmmmm didnt know about that i guess its to prevent people in LS/SF/LV to stop camping the lobby to deal dmg and then rush into the second room to be protected by the other crims about the BC/PC/RC aint that the place people been using the beggining ? the stairs by the safes

  • @Crash It is. But this only works on the left side, at the right side you don't get money from hence why you have to stand down camping at the stairs. But since people see that it works on the left side they think it works on the right side aswell, then they move there, get no money and wonder about it. It should be symmetric atleast so people don't get confused. It would even be better if both sides have to defend down in front of the stairs

  • Oh didnt know then then yeh should be symmetric