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    So today I ran out of fuel in middle of the desert miles away from the closest fuel station, and there were no mechanics available to assist me. So who on his fucking right mind pushes his car to a gas station to refill the damn thing, well I tell you, someone stupid or on crack cocaine. I rather kill myself on this situation, and just respawn the car which is not that fun.

    Who has never gone out in a trip real life and got some extra spare gasoline in the trunk, well, I usually do because I don't want to have to call a towtruck if something happens.

    So yeah that's my suggestion, being able to go to the trunk of your car, get yourself a petrol can and refill your own car (or even someone elses?). Of course you wouldn't be able to have 100L on the trunk, just like 30L so at least you can drive to the closest fuel station.

    Have a good one. Edit: I added fucking poll.

  • I am quite positive that this has been suggested or sth but went missing soo, this idea is fucking amazing.

    Also, add a poll

  • I found this was suggested by @Scorpyo on https://saesrpg.uk/topic/5626/refuel-vehicle

    But yeah kinda went missing so please vote here

  • big +1!!
    fuel runs way to fast out

    also sidesuggestion would be adding lpg-gas tanks to cars for more distance range, gas cars exist years before the 90s

  • Very Very good idea!!

  • well, i have an idea but idk how to make exactly.
    1st: adding the petrol can to the car trunk wich in Alt Gr panel.
    2nd: make it pickable, i mean we can take it from the car trunk ( can be
    able to picked with hands, same as weapons).
    3rd: last part, add a command to refuel the car like "/refuelcar" and a command to refuel the can from the gas stasion can be "/engine".

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  • +1 great idea

  • /taxi


  • Fcking noobs.. Just drive to gas station perfor your out of fuel so u dont need god damn petrol cans 😛