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    Join us now!
    Please note that the SAPA forum can only reached by direct link or by joining the forum group.

    Group Information
    Group: San Andreas Police Academy
    Founded by: Wes & iStar
    Founded in: 01.04.2011
    Member count: 161
    Group Colours; #FFFFFF
    Group Motto: ''Enter to learn, Go forth to serve''
    Group Tag(s): SAPA|Nickname

    Base Information
    Base Location: Greenglass College
    Interior mapping: Unknown
    Exterior mapping: Unknown
    Emergency Vehicle count: 13

    Contact us through


    Chief @Royalty
    Deputy Chief @Tut-Greco
    Assistant Chief @ZeKinG

    Senior Instructors
    Captain Bas
    Captain @iTsMe

    Sergeant @Bozi

    Not done yet

    SAPA their role is in it's name. It's at it's core an academy to educate police officers. SAPA is an Academy that offers a course to receive the Pro Cop Diploma. This giving access to the PC spawns.

    The SAPA Rules

    • I. Don't break the server rules
      Press ingame F1 and read the rules.
      Do not deathMatch other players. That includes killing using a vehicle.
      Do not rage or insult in the mainChat.

    • II. Don't break the SAPA/PC rules
      Check the PC Rules!
      Stay professional! You are SAPA now! Not a trainee that whines about everything!
      Try to roleplay as you were a real police officer/cadet all the time!

    • III. Don't attempt to arrest players that got a wanted level of 0, 1, 2 or 3.
      Ignore these players, as long as they don't give you a reason to arrest them.
      You can offer them a roleplay so they can lose their wanted level.
      If they don't want to do it, ignore them, as long as they don't give you a reason to arrest them.
      Don't arrest players that are spawned as police.
      If someone is not willing to end the chase with a roleplay, you can arrest him.
      If there is no way to arrest a wanted person (e.g. when he is sniping from a tall building) you are allowed to kill him.
      Don't arrest at hospitals or events!
      If someone tries to avoid an arrest by running in an event, place a marker on them and wait for the end of the event.

    • IV Whenever you start to chase a wanted person, offer RP first before you attempt to arrest
      Don't care about the wanted level! You have to RP with everyone first!
      If a person is not cooperating, warn him, that you will force him to stop, if he doesn't do it, BEFORE you start to do it!
      Don't spam your binds!
      Give him a last warning, before you start shooting, and wait for reaction firstGive him a last warning, before you start shooting, and wait for reaction first

    • V. Give the suspects reaction time of at least 10 seconds
      Keep in mind, that they cannot read the chat all the time while a chase!
      They need some time to read it, and more time to decide, if they want to cooperate or not. Give them this time!

    • VI. Patrol and partner regulations.
      If you're a 4th or 3rd Class Cadet ( SAPA**** or SAPA*** ), you're absolutely not allowed to patrol alone.
      In case you have already spent two weeks ( SAPA** ), you will be allowed to patrol alone, Only and ONLY if you cannot find a cadet partner. That means, there should be in NO CASE, more than 1 cadet patrolling alone.
      If you are caught rulebreaking while alone, you'll be heavily punished, another probation star will be added to your count.
      If you're PC, you're completely free to patrol alone, but it's always recommanded to have a partner to assist you, in car pursuits for example.
      Cadets who has finished 1x mandatory training or DD lesson are allowed to spawn as Warden trainee, Police officer trainee, State trooper and Official squad spawn.

    • VII. Learn to follow - before you start to lead
      Respect higher ranks. They got their rank for a reason!
      Respond immediately to their orders and questions.
      Say "Yes Sir! / No Sir!"; play your role as Cadet - and everyone will respect you!
      Don't act like retard while trainings, briefings etc.!
      Also respect all the other players on SAES!

    • VIII. Always wear your SAPA tags, even when not spawned as SAPA.
      Once you got invited to SAPA wear this tag: SAPA****|YourNickName
      Your rank is your name, like: SAPA|YourNickName|PVT*
      You will lose one education star after every 1 week! One week longer for every received warning - Ask an instructor before you remove an education star!
      Before you ask an instructor to remove an education star, make sure that you got all the requirements (Did you complete all tasks of the welcome script, example given?)

    • IX. Read the Welcome Script at our forum and get your binds
      Don't leave the SAPA base before you have read the welcome script!
      Don't leave the SAPA base before you have got your binds!
      Before you start patroling with a partner, etc., show your RP binds to a SGT or higher ranked member! The instructor must leave a note at the MOTD and on the NEWS on the forum, that you did it!

    • X. Do not create new topics inside the main forum unless given permission by the Leader or the Vice Leader.
      This is to keep the forum clean, organised and ensure that it's spam-free. if you need to create a new topic, send a PM to @Royalty to request permission, this rule applies to all ranks. You may create your cadet profile in the education section if you are a cadet.
      In case you have been in SAPA before and have been re-invited, do not make a new cadet profile but request a SAPA forum administrator to move your old cadet profile back.

    The Pro Cops Rules

    • I. Don't break the server rules
      Do not break the server rules which can be found in F1
    • II. Don't break the PC rules
      Pro Cop is an RP-Class if you don't want to RP spawn something else!
      Act your role!
      Don't abuse your equipment.
      Don't hurt other people without reason.
      Follow the Dispatcher and Police Dog Rules!
      Do not change SAPD police vehicle their appearances. Doing so with lead to immediate removal from the Pro Cop spawns.
    • III. Don't attempt to arrest players with wanted level 3 or lower.
      You can attempt to Roleplay with these people but you're not allowed to arrest them when they refuse.
      Don't arrest people that are spawned cop.
      If someone is not willing to end the chase with a Roleplay you're allowed to arrest him.
      If there isn't any way to arrest a wanted person you're allowed to kill him.
      If you see a criminal attacking another officer and you're near you're allowed to assist the other officer by arresting the criminal.
    • IV. When initiating a pursuit always offer RP first
      Pro Cops always have to offer RP first it doesn't matter what
      A Pro Cop must give out two warnings by binds. The second time notifying the criminal it is his last chance.
      Give someone time to respond to your instruction.
      Do not spam your PC binds.
    • V. Give the suspects reaction time on your binds
      Keep in mind, that they cannot read the chat all the time while a chase! They need some time to read it, and more time to decide, if they want to cooperate or not. Give them this time!
    • VI. ect the rank hierarchy (PCD and SAPD HQ). They're assigned to their job for a reason.
      Respond immediately to their orders and questions.
      Don't act like a retard.
    • VII. Pro Cop Probation Tag & Name.
      When you join Pro Cops, you will have probation period of 2 weeks. Put Name|PC*, or SQUAD|Name|PC*
      When playing as Pro Cop you're required to be easily identified by either your roleplay name or your regular nickname on the server.
    • VIII. Don't spawn as PC if...
      If you got more than 3 wanted-stars, don't spawn as PC. Use another class instead and get your stars lost.
      If you have received a wanted level, no further patrolling is allowed and you'll have to wait till you get a bribe before resuming patrol.
      If you want to respond to a bank robbery faster and you are in an official squad with a spawn. If you are not part of a squad with a spawn then you may spawn as a ProCop
    • IX. Sign in at the PC-Forum, once you've been invited.
      Failure to sign in can result to you being removed and means if you ever get removed to Pro Cop by mistake there is no legal way prove you've been in Pro Cop before. So if the PCD Detectives find out you're PC and haven't signed in you might be removed.
      You are not allowed to edit your PC sign in after you've signed in. If you do this will be considered fraud. You're not allowed to edit the information you've provided for the first time.
    • X. Respect the SAPD HQ their decisions.
      Do not insult the SAPD HQ over a decision they made. You may make a PCD case with valid arguments if you think their decision defies the rules.


    • Cadet, application: Cadet is the first rank in SAPA. You are not an Instructor - not even PC. You are on the academy to learn what it means to be Police Officer (PC). You have to complete an education of at least 4 weeks. When it is done you can ask for the final PC test. If you pass there you will get invited to ProCops. Then you are free to leave SAPA to find your own way - like joining another squad or just beeing PC. Or you choose the following choice:
    • Private, application: Private is the second rank, and the first offical. You are a full trained Police Officer with PC access. You did decide to stay at SAPA. Almost everyone can make a PVT. You are not an instructor yet, but you're planning to so you will stay close to higher ranks and learn from them. You are not required to do trainings, however you may only do it with a maximum of 1 or 2 cadets.

    Remember : you have to be a good idol for cadets!

    • Private First Class, application: PC member of SAPA who got a lot of experience. Pre-Instructor rank. When you decide that you want to become a SGT, you will be given this rank. Your job is the same as a PVT, plus, you need to dedicate most of your time to learn what SGT job is all about. By the end of your PFC time, you need to be able to do all sort of SGT jobs.
    • Sergeant, application: It may come the time when you think that PVT/PFC isn't enough and you want to support the other instructors to train our Cadets. Then you have to apply for SGT. You should've already learned, while being a PFC, what's the SGT job is about, and how to handle both, forum and ingame work.

    After finishing the minimum serving time, and if you're seen as a qualified and mature instructor who knows his job very well, you'll be promoted to SFC.

    • Sergeant First Class: You are a full trained PC instructor and you take care that everyone keeps the rules and you support them whenever they need help. Your job is also to prepere the Cadets for the final PC test and you will recruit new players for SAPA. You are allowed to answer the SAPA applications and internal PC applications, however you cannot do any kind of PC testing.
    • Lieutenant : As a LT, you must know how the whole system works, this is the highest level 2 rank you get. You will have to make sure that the SGTs and SFCs are well instructed, aswell as to make sure that they are doing their job the right way. In simple words, your job is to manage both SGTs and SFCs.
    • Captain : Captain is a very very skilled Instructor. You are a master of training and also the management is a job where you are skilled. You will do the same job as the SFC and you will take care that they do it in a fine way. You will support them if they need your help. Also you are leading the education of the instructors. At this point, you are able to do PC external testing, aswell as answer their applications on the SAPD forum.

    The Captain-Rank is very hard to achieve! Not everyone fits for this role. So don't be sad when we have to deny you 🙂

    • Captain First Class : You've reached the highest of the normal ranks. The normal Captain Rank was below your skills.

    Ranks Headquarters

    • Major : The Major rank is a pre-HQ rank. You have to do a lot of management work, but you are still instructing cadets and instructors.
    • Major First Class : This rank is the probation for HQ. When you pass the probation, you will get promoted to HQ. But it is the decision of the other HQ's, when your probation is over. Don't try to force them.
    • HQ : HQ's (HQ = HeadQuarter) are supporting the Chief/Leader and leading the squad whenever the Leader isn't around. They deal with reports, answer questions, and are helping when someone got a problem.
      Their main task is the management.
    • HQfc : When you got promoted to HQ First Class, it's like when the Chief want's to say "Sorry, Vice-Leader is already in use" 🙂
    • Vice-Leader : The Vice-Leader is the second leader. Whenever the Leader isn't around, or on vacation etc. the Vice-Leader counts as the current leader.
      And if the Vice-Leader isn't around, the HQ-Staff jumps in.
    • Leader, locked: The Leader (or "Chief") is the Führer. He will Blitzkrieg you, if you don't listen to him!

    Interested? Join us!

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