Greetings fellows.

First I'd like to say thanks to all of the contributors for their suggestions. We very much appreciate the fact you guys spend your own time to make the community/MTA server a better place. In order to suggest something, you can create a new topic in this section and outline what you want.

What kind of suggestions are we taking?

New scripts/ideas.
Making changes to current running scripts.
New mods (Skins, vehicle mods, etc..)
What kind of suggestions are we NOT taking?

Rule changes. They're made by us for reasons.
Unbalanced suggestions.
example: Make the payout for cops more! Make them earn 100k for arresting a person with 42 stars!

Due to the high demand of additions/new script we do not have a lot of time to spend on these as of yet. We will work our way through them but it won't be as quick as you'd expect from us.

If you'd like to suggest something, please make sure it has not been suggested before, this would mean you'll have to look in the other sections of this sub forum to determine whether your suggestion was already denied or has recently been put on pending.

Please be reminded that posts within this discussion forum should follow the original poster's topic, and any post with no regards to the particular discussion may be removed in order to keep the section easily viewable.

If you have any comments/questions about these guidelines feel free to comment below and we'll answer as soon as possible.