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  • I do not want to get into this, but 1 group is dead for more than a year and it is having all that which other group is having with 1k posts.. all I said was actually "multiple spawns", "scripts" and such which we have been rejected for quite a few times in past. Anyways, got it and our "monthly report" would be most pleasing that's all i can assure

  • I think that this is a good idea, we've plenty of dead groups only becoming active once in a while to do a recruitment drive before going inactive again. Hopefully this will encourage them to remain active or otherwise make room for new management/group that is willing to step in and get the job done themselves.

  • As for changing the check to occur once every three months instead of one, I don't see the point of that, groups would remain inactive for two months and show up during the third month only to appear active. Meanwhile with one month time they are required to remain active at all times, as they should be.

  • So do we need to track this months activity aswell to report on the 1st or is that when the system starts. @Hesha

  • Why Eternia is not on that list?

  • @Hesha said in GM Notice:

    3 of the GMs are Cuban Cars

    Useless pricks

    And we'll see how to better manage our current activities post and to use the forum a bit more, without just copy-pasting the activities.

  • So to answer some of your comments:

    We are using a private discord to post activities
    We aren't gonna join every single groups discord to see there activity. Rather have it a simple form with an overview of there activities. When we require a more detailed view it will definitely be nice to have a place to look for more detail.

    Every 3 months
    Positing an overview of activities done in the month should be a relative low effort. This should not take that much more time then reviewing a single application (If tracking is done correctly). Next to that 3 months is a big iteration time to check changes made and overal activities. @DROT summed this up nicely in his post.

    Missing groups/inactive groups
    HLS is also considerd a special group which is not under GM but HQ.
    Enternia and SAF are both considerd dead/inactive and are scheduled to be removed. In SAF case they can definitely still live on as a group but there in-game rewards are not required anymore as nobody actively uses it.

    The point of these changes is so we, as group managers, have a beter feel of how a group is performance and can beter decide on changes they request. (Additional spawns, bases, etc).

  • Keeping a group active is one thing. Bookkeeping every single activity every single month is another thing which I'm not in favor of.

    For a creativity-based group like zip it's very hard to even keep track of all the activities a member decides to do in the first place. We're a group about unleashing your creative energy. Not an accountancy group.

    If anything this will make it harder for me to keep it active because I'll be spending the time I barely even got on keeping track of all the activities from everyone every month rather than hosting some myself.

    Also I should note that as with some other groups, we basically moved all of our activity over to discord rather than the forums at this moment. If these new rules are truly happening it would call for serious changes in the way we currently handle our stuff, and not in a necessarily good way.

    Yes I know we got a GM member and probably are safe, but this is not just concern for ZIP I'm expressing. It's a concern for every single group that is in this situation who do not have the advantage of having a GM on the team.

    In the end, all I can do is give my opinion and feedback, but I genuinely hope that this not going to be put down like hate and as a result not even considered. I understand that a system that makes it clearer which groups are dead and which aren't is needed, groups indeed are a mess right now and something needs to change. But this system is simply not the way.


  • In my opinion its a good way for groups now. The system which was implemented is a good way even for groups as for the GMs too.

    On the one side you have the groups which can now show monthly that they are worth an offical group with activities and all what the group is bringing up. Also if there are New groups with this system they can bring themselves to the GMs and show hey we are working hard for our group and we really want this group be alive. So its a good system and even if some offical groups need to do some changes it shouldn't be a problem for them as if if you really want to see the group succeed you need to get to work and do so this should be worth a group.

    And for the GMs they have a lot work to do and if we can make this work a bit more simple for them this shouldn't be a problem and with this system we can help them alot if its done good as they only need to review the list the group leaders are creating.

    Its my opinion so far may not everybody is with me but i think its a good way to handle the groups.