MJ Enterprises
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    Beginning of MJ

    It all started in a night club in Liberty City where Markus and Jasper met. Markus was the Head Manager of the Club named Wild & Funky while Jasper was a successful businessman just enjoying his time. They met each other in quite a weird way, they bumped into each other in the bathroom, Jasper notices his Manager tag and then they started talking about business in general.

    Jasper was invited into his Office where they drank some Rum and enjoyed Cuban Cigars. 2 minds think alike and all of a sudden, Jasper came up with the idea to start a company together that makes large Music Festivals in San Andreas. They had money so they flew out to SA, bought a penthouse and started their own company.

    First Festival, 2008

    As EDM was slowly growing and artists were becoming more famous, they thought to bring an EDM Festival into SA. It took place in the Desert since the SA Desert is large and the rent is quite cheap.

    But the event itself wasn't that cheap. We had to provide people with sleeping places, food, shower and the main part, the artists. The Festival was mainly for EDM but had some Rappers here and there. The Festival was named Firey Nights.

    Everything worked out amazing, good reviews were left to the company and there we took off. We profited around 10.000.000$ and then we realized, we've hit a jackpot since no other company does this.

    This day, 2019

    Large Music Festivals have been made all around San Andreas, new alliances have been set and even more is to come. Our company is estimated around 2.2B (Net worth) and we have around 221 working employees.

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    Music Festivals

    We try to host a large music festival dedicated to one genre or multiple at least once per 2 months since everything needs preparation and so on. Festivals will be announced at least 2 weeks before it's happening so people can buy their tickets.

    Dedicated Partys

    We also host large regular or pool parties that are bought usually by celebrities or just rich people in general. You can make a booking by sending your details to this account: Markus

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    Top Brass:

    CEO - The Directors of the Company, the front line of the Top Brass. They are the leaders, everything is under their hands and they control everything.

    Supervisor - He is the Vice Director of the Company and has the same powers as the CEO does but not as superior. He makes sure that everyone is present at the Festival and fills out his given task to do.

    Manager - Leads a Division with-in the Company.

    MJ Officials

    Security Forces - They are the elite force that makes sure that everyone participating at the Festival is safe. If shit goes down, SF is right there and ready to protect everyone with their lives.

    Sound Technician - They make sure that all of the electronic equipment is well put in place and set ready to be used. (You can only join this if you're a SAES Admin)

    Graphics Designer - He designs the banners and other stuff for our Festivals and Company in general.

    Architecture Team - They build and construct our Festival from the ground up. We trust these men with their own personal designs and buildings. (You can only join this if you're an Architect or Higher in ZIP)

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    CEOs: Markus and @Jasper
    Founders: Markus and @Jasper
    Group Value: Classified.
    Group Color Code: #FE642E
    HQ Team: Markus, Jasper and Anas
    Group Tag: [MJ]Markus[Rank]
    Discord Server: https://discord.gg/H2NsMCe
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    Top Brass of MJ:

    CEO: Markus & @Jasper

    Supervisor: <Vacant>


    MJ Officials:

    Security Forces:
    @Anas_ - Black Hawk (Leader of the Unit)

    Sound Technician:

    Graphics Designer:

    Architecture Team:
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    Our Recruitment works via Applications on the forums. Your application has to be good and you need to have a general knowledge of the server.

    Application Format:

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    Thanks for the early wishes!

    Remember, we're looking for new employees so feel free to apply.

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