Reporting a CC member

  • Hello
    I posted this topic because i wanted to report a CC member aka n0vis0ry ( been asked to post here)
    So this guy DMed me in multiple occasions as CC, he also bug abused the building bug near LS jail.
    This continued day after day, he did it 3 days in a row i think, once he killed me while i was 1 second close from arresting a criminal while he wasnt even wanted, another time he stopped, got out of his truck and started sniping me, and some other situations that i cant clearly remmember because this was like one week ago or so.
    You can see everything on screens :
    Please dont consider this a cuntish act, but i had enough.

  • I reviewed your screenshots one by one, most of them are invalid;

    the first screen doesnt show what happened (evidence) altho I can imagine he used 'map bug' and its possible but unlikely your SS is staged, so no absolute evidence

    • for that i will question n0visory to see if he gives in and admits

    the second screen only shows maybe something related to first one, to sketch the situation and explain a bit what he allegedly did in first SS

    the third screen shows a nade kill, but no evidence of any rulebreak, as he didnt suicide but just killed you. There is no indication he wasnt wanted and you werent chasing him

    • as there's no prohibition for CC members to use violence against cops (while wanted?) this cannot be used in any way without further evidence

    the fourth screenshot is the same story as third one, no visibility of his wanted level and not clear whether or not you were chasing him

    • additionally, a dildo kill is lame, but under the right circumstances (wanted, and being actively chased) not a specific violation of any rule.
      who knows you were low HP and he just saw it as a suitable and funny way to finish off the cop who was trying to get him. No evidence or clues to show otherwise or any adverse situation context.

    -- In the fourth screenshot, he even claimed (in chat) that the situation that would totally excuse his attack (him being wanted, and you trying to arrest) so this creates further doubt re-enforcing your need
    to prove otherwise, to show a rulebreak situation was the case when he killed/attacked you. The accusation is a rulebreak, so obviously the proof burden to back up your claims is with you (the reporting party).

    I can't detect any signs of a rulebreak in the fifth screenshot

    the sixth screenshot shows a runover kill, which on itself isn't a rulebreak (only park-killing is, which isn't shown to be the case). Because runover isn't a rulebreak, the driver (novisory) was wanted and the player who he
    decided to kill was a cop, it is also considered a basic kill, which under the circumstances as far your evidence lacks to show otherwise (like whether or not you guys were trying to get/arrest them), is permitted.

    • there even isn't a runover kill message (feed), and the exact wanted level of novisory is obfuscated by the nametags, altho it looks rather low, and running over (killing) a cop would result in a bit more wanted stars I figure.
      Thus, it's even possible there was no parkkill at that moment, making the sixth screenshot possibly another SS without any signs of a rulebreak (relevance to report).

    the seventh screenshot also contains no visibile signs of any rulebreak on itself, because it shows a wanted novisory shooting at a cop trying to get to him.

    You just got one success with this report; the eighth screenshot shows basically the same as first SS, but this time his CC color blip is shown on the minimap to be positioned right into the "map bug" building.
    Additionally, there is a MOTD bar (up your screen) output saying "Successfully shot with rubber bullets" shortly before the screenshot was taken.

    In this case of the last screenshot in your album, its pretty clear what has happened, n0visory used a map bug to climb into that building, while you guys were chasing him. This also makes it likely the first screenshot
    had the same happen. I will not need to 'question' him about that, as I initially listed for SS #1, and he will only be punished for unfair avoiding of arrest, by using a map bug while being chased on foot.

  • Bottom line: just 1 out of 7 screenshots contained evidence of a rulebreak, and he will only be punished for this single rulebreak.

    Thanks for reporting