Report Amateur Rebels

  • Everything happens when I was patrolling with my colleague SAFP | Ghost | Pvt and I suspect some strange movements to play. The players began to disappear !, I checked my internet connection and everything was in order.

    I left the area and after a while I returned, but these criminals were on the map (K panel) with LS location, but his motorcycle was in front of me (he was persuading them). The point is that, how can they appear and disappear magically from one place to another?

    Because I report to Amateur Rebels, if in the SS they do not appear registered as such ?, it is very easy to answer. They entered as normal Criminal and changed the nickname, all to UE. Will it be trolling?

    Finally, after reporting ingame to an administrator, an SR occurs. and they appear and disappear and then do Time Out all together. and by magic they disappeared as I mentioned.

    Attached the images and I suggest to review the gang with the way of playing of its members. Thank you

    Only manage to capture the image of a user, but that should be enough to tell us what happens.

    During all the years that I have been in SAES, I do not usually make complaints, but this is strange. And we have to live in a good game, in which we are all part.


  • Disconnecting internet cable OP. Will be questioning these indeviduals

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  • This post is deleted!