Purchasable RPG Weapons

  • Hello!

    Recently I've been thinking about ways to enchance everyday cop vs crims encounters and eventually stumbled upon restricted weapons. Naturally, there are some weapons that could never become available to everyone because of how overpowered they are. There are some however that might be suitable for adding following some modifications to their performance.

    This brings us to RPG, which in its current state is of course a too powerful weapon. What I'm suggesting is restricting RPG projectiles to only inflict damage to vehicles, not anyone outside them. I believe that this would bring an interesting twist for criminals when dealing with chasing cops on their tails.

    Naturally there are some edges that would need polishing but those are common sense things, such as that a person shouldn't be able to carry both grenades and RPG because that'd be an overkill, a cooldown timer similar to how grenades work is also logical. From cop perspective, the possibility that not every criminal is carrying grenades is a pleasant sight too. RPG is not travelling at speed that is impossible to escape, but could potentially be slowed down even further(?). I'd personally argue that cops don't need to gain access to this weapon, too.

    So, would you like to see RPG added to the game under condition that it is only able to inflict damage to vehicles?

  • Wouldn't knockback still be a problem?

  • Ain't that the point tho?

  • Cop coming at you, car is close, aim down, shoot RPG, boom, cop car explodes, you fly damageless and fall somewhere near

  • 1-2 meter knockback effect is barely noticable, compared to grenade which has both knockback and damage, even less so.

  • I don't support this since rpg is way more reliable to destroy cars than granades

  • You could modify it to become a disabler rather than a destroyer, like a emp launcher or something? With a limited ammo clip and time limit between launches, to prevent abuse.

    Car would be temp disabled for x amount of time.

    What you think?

  • @Brophy said in Purchasable RPG Weapons:

    Car would be temp disabled for x amount of time.
    What you think?

    Didn't know that could be done, sounds pretty cool!