MY last goodbye to SAES

  • Hello guys, this is leito ingame with you sadly, iam sorry to say this but, i won't play again in SAES, without making the discussion long and boring, have fun and play good, wish SAES becomes better and better, goodbye to everyone i know, also my haters, everyone in SAES from the admin to the player in the server, i have some personal problems that won't let me play with you guys, have a good fun 😉 and don't worry its not something dangerous i deal with just some problems prevents me from playing with you guys
    also demand the HQ admins to delete my account ingame username : oussamarappelz
    also this forum account forum i work with

  • See, you leito!

  • Hey leito sad to hear that,well at least i can annouce that your blacklist has been removed,find us out if you come back someday.
    Fair well my friend.

  • Why is it when people stop playing they want their account to be removed. Apparently you are mad at something and you posted this in rage. Well, goodbye or see you soon or have fun.

  • cya tomorrow

  • Bro u got mad cuz we were saying something bad about ur country?? Lol i wish you good luck when you go outside and get bombed by a western country, i have always wondered how it is like to get bombed like in shooting games but seems like thats not gonna happen for me, you are so lucky in my opinion anyways cya

  • Bye 😃 C.I.A.O