[SuGG] Not allowed

  • About the Bank robs and public bank robs ~> spawning in a prop to get faster to bank is really not fair as cops have a lot of abilities to arrest or to do anything and it can be if there is bank rob going on you can disallow spawning in this spot [Prop] because there is a bank rob on and about turfs too to not keep doing rule breaks about turfs spawn props you can do same message : you cant spawn at this spot because there is turfs on - you can only spawn at hosp and base even the base behind the turf

  • no and thanks

  • Bad suggestion, server needs less rules, not more.

    What's the point of owning houses near banks if you want to stop people using them?

    Waste of a time, maybe not even possible to add a script to prevent this and we do not have the time, manpower or willpower to enforce such a ridiculous rule.

  • suggestion of the year
    About turfs theres already a rule on F1 if you see someon is doing it report it to admins/GM's

  • I haven't heard anything this stupid in a while.


  • Whats the point of adding a poll, if you put only one option on it? Smells communism


  • I mean... the kill-arrest is kinda stupid :)))

  • If you want us to stop spawning at props move bank interiors to the cities in which they are.You think driving all way from BC hosp to any of banks is fair?