By Joelixir, in Gangs

  • Nickname:Joelixir
    Age: 17
    Country: Mexico
    Languages spoken: Spanish
    From 0 to 10, how would you rate your english proficiency? (?/10): 4/10
    How long have you been playing on SAES: 21 hours little time because I played a couple of years ago and I barely came back.
    In a quick and short summary, tell us who are Arms Assassins and their roleplay: is a group in which there is brotherhood teamwork and solidarity
    Previous clans on the server (include the reasons for leaving): none
    Previous bans on the server and reasons for them: none
    Name 3 BR rules: Do not suicide after bankrobbing, it's not allowed to rob a bank alone, two BR's a day only.
    Name 3 GR rules: Don't spawn kill, don't rob alone, no grenades.
    Name 3 Turf rules:It's not allowed to camp on unclimbable rooftops, do not spawn as medic to support your gang, it's not allowed to reconnect to gain health.
    What is Roleplay?: You must act as if it were real life within the game.
    What is Deathmatching?: Attack or kill other players.
    Someone DMs you. What do you do?: I report to the player.
    You're passing by one or several cops, who do not attempt to arrest you. What shall you do?: I keep my way
    Do you know anyone from the gang, or have made connections with anyone inside the gang, before you applied?: Rubik and Yoko speak spanish.
    Application text (tell us something about yourself or anything you want to try to convince us): Because I like the server, the community especially AA because they are very close and I want to learn many more things, I am someone active.

  • Wrong section my man, try applying from the link below:

  • wow [AA]Richtard thanks