Report [SWAT]Flusha

  • I'm bringing this to public attention that this is complete abuse of how the kill arrest script works. Flusha here got himself arrested to come into the jailbreak from behind the red door, and once he came through, blasted all of us from behind with 42 stars and jailing us thus, ending the jailbreak. Why are cops allowed to kill arrest us with 5 or more stars when you can't even arrest us with 5 or more to begin with? It's abuse of how the script works.

  • Usually when cops get arrested they get to the adminjail

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  • Hello Olias, I've explained you that and I even told you I am "sorry" for an "accident" that I didn't do knowingly.

    First of all once again, a trainee arrested me in the prison then I was gone to LS prison somehow. After it, I "Realized" that I still have my taser and weapons as a "Cop".

    Then I wanted to try if it works, that is all.

    Also as you are the criminals, you could've killed me there before I arrest you, as you can see my job below my name "Prison Warden"

    After all, I still can say "sorry" as I did in-game while trying to explain the accident, but so as you're sure on reporting..

  • @flusha what do you mean "not knowingly"? You knowingly shot more than 4-5 people in that little area in the back on purpose, knowingly you were abusing the kill arrest script. Sorry we don't have eyes in the back of our head and can see you. I barely was able to turn around to see you with 42 stars shooting all of us in the back lol.

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  • I said "not knowingly" for the accident, which is I don't even know how did I spawned in LS prison.

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  • I've made my speech but just to notice. If you think I got arrested to come back from red door and arrest you, no. I am not that man. ,

    Here is you can see how did I get jailed and why;

    As your words, that you are not right.

    Screenshot of I am killing Issou in the JB, before getting arrested..

    Then I am getting arrested by a random trainee and things starting. So basically, I did not get myself arrested to come back from red door and finish you.

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  • Remember this is no general forums, please abstain to post in this topic unless you're involved in the report or you're a Community staff member or SAES member. Thanks.

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  • I find it hard to swallow your excuse of ignorance here and you have done nothing to convince me otherwise.

    I can't fathom how you thought it was in any way possible to go from being a cop to then thinking you're a criminal?

    You knew you were in Jail, you JB'd and then killed a criminal.

    If you thought you were a criminal, it's deathmatching. If you thought you were a cop, it's definitely bug abuse.

    I see no way out of this where you haven't in some way fucked up, but I am open to hearing it.

  • As I said above, wanted to test what happens when I try to kill arrest them.

    I understand it and said sorry about it. However punishment is a punishment if you do it knowingly or accidently.


  • Adminjail given, report closed.