[SUGGESTION] Racing Top Times and Leaderboards

  • Hi everyone!

    After racing a few times already, I noticed there are many possibilities that may increase the competitivity in SAES Racing.

    My suggestion is the addition of top times to every race, such as:

    All Time top times
    Monthly top times

    And also, the addition of leaderboards, such as:

    Race wins or % Win rate

    Also in the end of each month/week why not give a reward? Doesn't need to be money, but something that could make the person feel proud about it? Like a paintjob? Or a title?

    I hope you guys feel the same way about this, because I think there are many people that enjoy racing and it would raise the racing part of the server to a whole new level!

    This is only an idea ofc and there must be many ways to make it better, so feel free to add a suggestion below too!

    Btw pls fix raceflag not reappearing?

  • Well, the suggestion is quite good. A /raceboard would be lovely or even a place where you could see the board.

    The board could have the best time per race, the number of races and winnings and all-time price winnings. That sure would be nice to the likes of rTech and such.

    About monthly / weekly rewards that should be awarded by the organizations, which with the leaderboard could bring way more of them, in order to generate more competition.

  • @kipt That's a great idea! I love it.

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