De-nerfing the deagle

  • Few years ago the deagle had been nerfed for unknown reasons. This nerf included a longer cooldown before the next bullet.

    bone edit nice share of reproducing cbug ❤

    Anyways point is the nerf is idiotic the deagle was never a too good of a weapon and with the current state its just handy for quickscopes

    Bring back the orginal cooldown thank you

  • if im not mistaken the 'unknown reason' was to prevent cbug.

  • Cbug has been patched entirely from mta itself and the only way to use it is by adding the c bug v3 recourse to your server which I doubt saes would do.

    I guess its time to bring the old cooldown back then

  • cbug is not fully patched hence the script is still in place

  • Here is a vid of me attempting a c bug in a local server without any scripts video proofs that c bug is entirely useless in mta itself

    Compare this to another c bug video done in single player by me incase you will accuse me for not being able to execute it

  • Buffing it would do nothing, it still is and will be weapon to finish off enemy

  • @Bunny

    Thing is the cooldown also prevents it from switching fast like on for example the spaz or m4

    Also I wouldn't see it as buffing but rather bringing it to an orginal state the bug that brought it to this state is already history

  • as bazuka said, cbug was already patched by MTA, so I don't see a reason not to add it back.

  • -1