Stopping the attack idea (raid)

  • Well this is a suggestion is for cops and its something that will benefit just cops so to start.
    The idea is about making something every 20min for cops with an information about a terrorist attack/robbery happening ofc this wont have real players doing the mentioned activity but some peds which will be attacking the area.
    The mission of the cops will be killing these peds and controlling a marker inside the place that is getting robbed for a number of time like in store robberies.
    note: peds will be respawning randomly in the area and they will be shooting ofc

  • Criminals who cast a no vote elaborate dont be dicks for cops if you dont have a reason to vote no

    Either you give a reason or dont vote

  • No ... and yhaaa why no.

    No other class on the server has any job 'controlled' by NPCs. Why cops would be different? The objective of the server is cop vs crims, not crims vs cops vs npcs.

    Oh, and what you're describing is a damn store rob, if you ever went to one. Cops get notified, rush to the place, kill / arrest crims, crims keep on coming, cops have to hold them off in order to get paid. Oh, did I also mention that crims shoot the cops?

    You're starting to go back to the shitty ideas topics filex ..........

    And oh, if someone comes here saying 'Transporters have an NPC' in their class, I'll beat the shit out of you, crlh

  • Transporters have an NPC

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