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Department of Agriculture & Energy

I welcome you, citizen. This is an official topic of the Department of Agriculture & Energy. This topic only contains public information.

Mission and Vision Statements

Our ministry works continuously in both branches and we follow some principles for the continuation of this stability. In order to meet the need for sustainable energy and healthy food, we work in harmony with nature to minimize the harm to our world and do a favour for ourselves and our future generation. We are progressively abandoning nuclear and similar energy resources and instead, we are directing towards safer and environmentally harmless renewable energies. As in every branch, science is a branch where our country is a leader in the world. In order to maintain this success and to achieve better success in the future, we allocate a significant budget to Nuclear Science and other science branches and developing our country for effective energy solutions. On the other hand, we follow our agricultural activities closely and always pay sufficient attention to our farmers. We also test the quality of the food obtained and continue to provide edible and safe food to our citizens. As a result, we protect our common interests with nature and the citizens of U.S.A.

Organization Chart


Mansur Yavas

Deputy Secretary

@Carter Thomas Connor

Chief of Staff

@KARIM Ben_Karim

Under Secretary Energy Branch


Under Secretary Agriculture Branch


Respected Employees of Each Branch


Are you seeking to join us?

Our department is looking forward to seeing new faces. Rather than recruiting formal people into the organization, we are principally looking for the people who interested to take part in such an organization. If you are excited to join us please try to have contact with me on discord platform I'll arrange a meeting as soon as possible.

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