Regarding the civilian side.

  • The civilian side, It's great, it has lawyers, priests, taxi drivers, truckers and so on

    The problem? As of today I don't think anyone would agree to say it is alive. But don't take my words for granted, let's just see what a typical saes player had to say when asked how he thought the civilian side was going.

    alt text

    Still not convinced? Let's take a look at the current players, right now.

    alt text

    To ease things up we will include both criminals, official gangs, official squads and police into 2 same groups.
    At exactly 5:39pm server time on the 18th April there were:

    22+43=65 criminals
    17+9=26 cops
    and 5 civilians

    While the criminal side is without a doubt the most active "group" of players on the server, the civilian is barely active at all, not even accounting for 10% of the criminal total players.

    I do believe everyone would agree with me that it would be awesome if we could find a way to increase the civilian side activity while also impacting both criminals and cops

    Adding more jobs in the civilians would require scripting and programming skills, skills that I unfortunately do not possess.

    The solution? A solution that doesn't require any script or programming I wouldn't be able to do anyway.

    1 - Increase the fuel consumption of every vehicles ( vehicles with low tank may be given bigger fuel tanks )
    2 - Increase the pay of fuel truckers
    3 - Increase the price of fuel

    Refueling is already part of the server "life", however , I believe that in order to bring a little more "life" to the server and to the civilian side that these changes are necessary

    Increasing the fuel consumption of vehicles would force players to both be more careful of their fuel consumption and force them to refuel more often, that would mean gas stations getting empty faster, forcing players to refuel the stations, giving more life to the civilian side while also impacting police and criminal life, who'd need to use gas stations more often.

    alt text
    A civilian refueling his car at the gas pump. A rare sight nowadays

    I do understand some of you may oppose the suggestion, however this would be a great opportunity to change all 3 criminal, cop and civilian side gameplay. Let me know what you think.

  • What else can be added under this thread ?

    Nothing, a lit suggestion, I hope to see it working properly asap, +1 from my side.

  • To see the spawned players on the civilian side increasing is a great idea. But i wouldnt do it by increasing the price for Fuel. Also the fuel consumption of the cars is high enought and the price is expensive as fuck. I just would increase the Income of all Jobs and maybe give them more funny stuff to do.

  • Civilian side is dead because it's a lonely job. People go on multiplayer to play with others, not to drive a truck or sail a boat around SA. Those who do want such an experience already have a huge array of servers to choose from on the server list which are much more developed script-wise than SAES for people who want to do things/missions alone. You can't play with friends as a civilian.

    Cop side is not dead because you can sit in a car and arrest nigguhs together and have fun while doing it. Crim side is not dead because there's a shitload of things to do with your friends, and most things like BRs and turfs require a lot of you to play together anyway.

    Civilian side will never be 'alive,' or at least, not on this type of server.

  • Who would like to refill his car every 5 minutes?

    There are currently some scripts in the making for the civilian side and fixes for old job's as well!

  • Back the old system of trucker!!!

  • Well i see this as a solution just to make fuel trucker spawn or mechanic more active not the whole civilians side and it will cause a problem as just alt & those who got 1000+ trucking stats can access it.
    If we want the civilian side to really be alive again we need to increase roleplay and make useful scripts to support that

    Sorry but imma keep my vote neutral waiting for ur response unless its a no from me 😊

  • Increasing the fuel consumption would be very annoying for two main reasons :-

    1. The gas stations are never full and there are like 3 people who go on refueling runs. For players who play at odd timings, this could mean that they would have to wait till a mechanic comes online or the stations get refueled.

    2. People on trucking runs, transporter runs, etc. would have to refuel more often, making some money making methods more tedious.

  • The problems is, there's no civ companies.

  • @Jamal said in Regarding the civilian side.:

    The problems is, there's no civ companies.


  • The idea behind suggestion has a point, but it'd be better if it did not affect the gameplay of others.

  • I already think the current fuel consumption is way too high. If you just want to drive around, you are more busy finding a working fuel station than actually driving around. It should rather be lowered than made higher in my opinion, kind of ruins the gameplay.

  • It shows a lack of knowledge on the current state of fueling if you think people don't use the gas stations.

    The gas stations have to be refuelled multiple times a day. There's no shortage of work as a fuel trucker.

  • Someone start a company

  • Make the fuel trucker spawn available for everyone

  • It would be nice to see the civilian side more active, the only problem is most people find it boring to do long term. Nonetheless not all feel this way, but a lot do and will only really spawn civilian (generally trucker) when they need cash. That is the sad reality.

    The solutions you provided could work, but they also only really focus on one role "Trucker".

    Maybe more monetary incentives? More companies? Or something of the like.

  • @Markus I think it's good idea, but company like wut? And who's will pay 100m?

  • Bring illegal loads back and make SAES great again !

  • ^ exactly, illegal trucking!

  • @Ghost722nd While I agree that refueling cars more often could proove to be be somewhat annoying I do believe that it would also create more gameplay opportunities never seen before. it could also be very fun

    The main point I tried to raise with this suggestion is the lack of Civilian activities, let's imagine a completly new scenario, If there was less gas maybe people would use taxis and buses more often, I can see they're barely used nowadays, this again, without almost requiring any new script would require people playing as taxis or buses, giving the civilian a little more "life"

    But since the civilian side is as of now barely active let's take a look about what would change for most people gameplay wise, in that case, the cop and criminal sides.

    • criminals could run out of fuel more often in the middle of a chase and end up getting arrested sooner instead of escaping, I barely saw any criminal run out of fuel while trying to escape the cops, or it could be the cop that run out of fuel.

    • With a lack of gas in fuel stations people would relay more on taxi and bus services to get around the map, this would require people playing as these, Yes there are taxis and buses, but again, I barely see any

    I do understand you may not agree with me but seeing people using their car less or just creating a shortage of gas could be fun in a way.