Fog removal button To "M">"options"

  • So as @Tut-Greco said in fog removal:

    got tired of fog? i made a mod that removes the effect, enjoy

    navigate to model folder in game dir, commonly found in Local disk (C:) > Programs (x86) > Steam > Steamapps > common > Grand theft auto san andreas > models
    drop the file in there and replace the original file. please back up the old one before proceeding to do so.
    NOTE: this only removes the clouds, not the distant fog. the distant fog is caused by the draw distance, which you can increase by using this mod.
    if your file is already modded, send it over to me on Discord Corder RS #3423 and i'll add it for you 🙂

    I was thinking that this would be nice to have in "m">"Options", like there is "Disable clouds" (Maybe named Disable fog) If its just possible to program there. I dont personally know anything about programming games.

    --link removed

  • And btw , why "disable clouds" is named like that since it removes other "sky effects" too like visible moon and stars. shouldnt it be named something like "disable sky effects" xd

  • I agree with JoGe it should be in M settings because fog is really annoying af

  • Why still have a fog in gameplay if its annoyed to everyone??

  • obviously not everyone, im fine with the fog, i heard many others who likes it too.
    but i can't blame those who don't, hence i voted for the suggestion

  • Im pretty okay with the fog an d i really love it, would not be fair if i have the fog on enjoying it and then chasing a criminal that have his fog: off
    And just kill me ez pz

  • This fog effect destroys all the fun in the game it annoying,Most people dislike,its Huge difference with out having fog .

  • I love fog, fog loves everybody, quit hating fog!!!

  • fog+rain=<3

  • Basically most of us hate the fogg because of the potato's, anyway, I hate it because the fogg is a little too much to be honest. Can barley see 20 meters ahead. Would like to see this happen! +1

  • Fog is amazing. Bye

  • These comments tells excatly why there should be button for it, those who hates it can disable it but they also can toggle it back if fog is needed in roleplays etc. And those who like it can turn it off for roleplays and during bankrobs for example. (Its annoying af when you are inside building and there is fog)

  • I would've loved fog if it was a rare occurrence, it would've been somewhat immersive but with its current state, it's just an eyesore. You do not have thick ass fogs every 30mins in real life huh?
    P.s If I am not mistaken, fogs don't happen in the base game as often as it does in SAES...