Joe adminjailing at sr

  • Today I got adminjailed by Joe today for killing a unwanted crim messing about at the sr.

    I usually only warn unwanted peps to stop them camping around the sr.
    That is what I did with Olias yesterday, someone who often hangs around srs, video from yesterday:

    Today he wasn't just idling but pushing my roadtrain away. I only wanted to damage him so he would be easy to take care of if he get wanted,
    however due to his extrordinary lag theres
    about a 700 ms delay to you firing shots and him actually receiving the damage, with this buffer he ended up getting killed a few meters away from the sr that he was tampering with.

    Thats the circumstances, the rules permits you to kill crims selling drugs etc. near the sr.

    Here is the video:

  • Thanks for providing the evidence you dm'd him I guess.

    Doing my job for me lol

    You can't kill people for running into a parked vehicle, end of story.

    You deathmatched him, this is against the rules.

    Bringing shame on ICE's good name

  • I was really hoping on Joe to fuck up. Seems like he did the right thing.

    I'd let you kill a criminal right outside the circle, as he could oppose a threat to you and the other cops. In this case, Olias isn't "near" the SR. There's also no rules saying you can't push someones car away, which makes you the rulebreaker the second you shot him.

    Bringing shame on ICE's good name

  • He is literally within the red marker on the minimap, less than 10 meters from the red circle which is what the rules says in reference to weapon/drug selling, alt text

  • When in the video is he selling anything?

  • I haven't said that, I am correcting you on him being near the sr.
    For me it makes sense for a hq to comment instead of us arguing over what I have already provided replay footage of and explained.
    I think as a cop you gotta be able to kill someone who is near (10 m) and "engaging" in a sr, wheter its by drug selling or moving strategic vehicles used to enter the sr.

  • Irrespective of what you THINK the rule should be, that is not the rule.

    Ergo, you are deathmatching. The rule covers selling, he is not selling.

    Whether I agree or disagree with your idea, it is not the point of discussion. We operate off of the rules as we currently have them, not off what you WANT the rules to be.

  • The rule is to not be attacking or killing for no reason and/or at random. Olias is participating in the sr.
    I think the rule that has been broken here is rule 10 when Olias is going to these various sr's and baiting like you see in the first video and me getting adminjailed for this.
    But it's up to the marshal's to judge.

  • @Doasis said in Joe adminjailing at sr:

    For me it makes sense for a hq to comment instead of us arguing over what I have already provided replay footage of and explained.

    Joe was right.

  • wow shocker

    You got your HQ response, locking this now. Thanks Marshal Nanobob