Unsolved Getting stuck inside people at Hospitals

  • We all had the problem where we respawn at a hospital, and there is this one asshole who decided to go afk at the hospital and he makes you stuck! Without outside help - someone punching you f.e- you most likely won't be able to get out since using I'm Stuck will warp you exactly to the same place.
    The same problem happens at the Police Departments as well, people go afk when they are jailed and usually tend to stay afk after they get out too which causes numerous people to get stuck inside each other.

    This is the problem I am talking about:


    alt text


    Perhaps there could be a script where players have no collision at the hospital/police department spawn points until they move?

  • Of course, a necessity. I'll script a small fragment of code which SAES Devs can implement in the spawn system.

  • maybe make players non collidable for 5 seconds when spawning at hospital, or even normal spawn, sometimes people afk at the spawn position which is annoying

  • @Scorpyo same for the wardens spawn

  • this is github worthy if anyone would like to issue it