Problem at sr with negliance from admin

  • I got a prop outside of one of the busiest SRs in LV which makes it a huge attraction for me, however theres been a problem
    with crims getting ontop of the roof next to the sr and killing cops. I have reported this a few times earlier and I also asked on discord about a week ago to make sure it's a definitive rulebreak:

    Yet when I report AA Makabra today,
    I get this in response to my report:

    I reckon Licano may have handled this report since he is AA and did not answer any of my messages to him afterwards while he was active.

  • Hello there. Indeed it was me dealing with the reports. So, I'll proceed to explain my "negligence". Let's go to the F1 panel, #Server rule -> English / American -> First rule, 7th section. "Killing police officers from roofs which are unrecheable when climbing from the ground."
    That's what the rule says. Now let's take a look at the screenshot you attached to the report.




    As you said, you got a property nearby that Store robbery. By its own, that church (or whatever that property is) is indeed unclimable, but the moment you spawn your OWN packer in order to climb it in my humble opinion it stops being unclimable. I'll quote once again the rule: "Killing police officers from roofs which are unrecheable WHEN CLIMBING THE GROUND.". Since I know you, and know how much you love to jump from there, spawning your packer (since I was in that store robbery and previous ones), I know it is perfectly climable once you spawned your packer. Makabra, in the meanwhile didn't make it on top of the building with an helicopter, nor being warped, nor even using drugs, but a packer you spawned.

    That being said, I find unnecesary a punishment in a case where you clearly create a risk of other people climbing in that building, and you not only make it climable by contributing with your vehicle but also you are just being opportunist and reporting people once they do the same thing you're doing. As you said, this is not the first time you report it, I know beforehand since I've seen them and I've dealt with them, however, I highly disagree with that being a punishable behaviour since you, are the one creating the risk and the ability of climbing that building.

    On the other hand, I reproach all your intentions of getting other people punished once you get outplayed. Since I've dealt with several more reports from you, and a big quantity of them are invalid, just because you got outplayed and try to trick other players just so you can report them.

  • Thanks for responding now Licano, for my issue and the first part of ur reply here - we will have to wait for someone official to comment.
    If its deemed okay then cops will also be able to kill from that building.

    When it comes to this: "reporting people once they do the same thing you're doing",
    thats not true since the issue here is people killing from the "unclimable roof", I am only using it as a taxi to get ontop of the sr
    as you can see me describe in the discord snippet.

    I doubt you have handled much of my reports other than those regarding AA members, your adding to your argument here by painting me
    as a villain, I use nvidia replay and most of my reports are self explanatory with that footage.

  • @Doasis said in Problem at sr with negliance from admin:

    I doubt you have handled much of my reports other than those regarding AA members, your adding to your argument here by painting me

    You'd be surprised.

  • the rule remains in place, neither classes are allowed to gun down the opposites (or anyone on the server) from unclimbable positions. you're allowed to land a heli on the roof to then jump onto SR roof, or use the packer trick, but we have zero tolerance for people shooting from it.
    we have had an internal discussion on the rule and how it could be altered (e.g allow help supplies like Packer to climb onto a roof to classify it as climbable, but only if you climb onto it with help of the packer) although there's no change made as of yet, so same rules apply as usual.

    note: for anyone's needs, you can discuss rules here

    Have a good day