Government Recruiting - Press Secretary!

  • Hello everyone,

    The government is opening recruitment for the role of 'Press Secretary'.

    This role will be responsible for the writing up articles and reports in the 'White House Press Office' category on forums, presenting government information and news stories in a positive light.

    The Press Secretary will have access to to the Government Staff spawn and will be told in advance of government activities.

    This is a paying position, you will receive between 100k-250k per article depending on complexity. Quality > Quantity.

    You will NOT lose your job due to elections. Assuming you are still writing to an acceptable standard, your job remains - even if the government changes.

    This job posting is open to EVERYONE.

    Please fill out the following: (This application should be answered in an RP format)

    Current Occupation:
    Previous Occupation(s):
    Place of Residence:
    Current Political Affiliations, if any:
    Are you legally allowed to work in the United States? (Y/N):

    Sample of your work: (No less than 200 words, this can be an article about anything)

    This job posting will remain active until a suitable candidate is found. Candidates may be asked for further examples of your work, which you will be compensated for - this does not mean you have been chosen for this position.

    Bonne chance,


  • Name: Med Filex
    Age: 28
    Current Occupation: Currently i just write articles and send them to different press offices in order to reach the voices m, im on this situation for 2 months now.
    Previous Occupation(s): I was chief of reporters in the press of los santos's University where i got my degree as a professional reporter that was the first time i reach a high position then i joinned "Kool Times News" where i was a reporter for almost three years before i reach chief of reporters in the agency. That was until the office had an end two months ago and im looking for a new opportunity right now.
    Place of Residence: Im originally from Los Santos central, but since i had alot of flights and movement i was always changing my position which i see it as a good thing, currently im renting a house in Los Santos north
    Current Political Affiliations, if any: Im neutral/independent i just look for the good of our country and i never hesitate using my talent to criticize when its needed, and thats what i did upon the years and i was respected because of my fair articles when it comes to politics and general informations about our nation.
    Nationality: Im American but my origines are from Tunisia (born in America)
    Are you legally allowed to work in the United States? (Y/N): Yes, im.

    Sample of your work:
    Id like to present some of my works before i give a live sample.
    Thats an article about the four dragons casino
    Thats an article i wrote for our ex government after the terrorist attack
    One of my first article about a store robbery
    One of the best adventures of my life when i reached Arms Assassins base for an exclusive interview

    This article is about an announcement of the government regarding Cuban Liberation Organization recent attacks

    Our nation lived long enought even with all the issues it faced along this way, with will we always survived everything and grabbed our way to be one of the most secure and powerful countries around the world, these were the words of our dear president 'Tayyim Erdogan' when he heard about the cruel acts CLO admitted the responsibility of, in addition he said that it was hard to recognize that we are getting lost from the inside and especially when it takes the life of our children and loyal fighters including those in the army and those out of it, their way to introduce their acts is unacceptable and will never be whatever was the case they are behind and the beliefs they have. He ended his words saying that for all those who paid their time and life fighting for this nation and for those who committed the harm. They will all witness that the United States will be always united and safe away from the desires of the haters.

    On behalf of the goverment
    Goverment Press Secretary
    Med Filex

  • Name: Aristides Conrado
    Age: 38
    Current Occupation: Attaché in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of United States
    Previous Occupation(s): I started to work as a Research Assistant in Princeton University after my graduation from the school mentioned till I was 30 years old. Then I decided to work in the Foreign Affairs of the United States.
    Place of Residence: Currently I live in North San Fierro
    Current Political Affiliations, if any: I am not affiliated with any of the current political parties.
    Nationality: Spanish American
    Are you legally allowed to work in the United States? (Y/N): Yes I am.
    Sample of your work:

    In Regards to the Increasing Unrest Among Some Squads

    "Our newly elected government has decided to make an announcement due to the known unwelcomed attitude of some certain Official Squads. We regret to be in such obligation to make a statement about the subject mentioned. However ignoring problems is not our way to govern the great country of the United States of America. That is the reason why we were elected.

    Our government is wrongfully accused of being in touch with some criminal organizations. As we have did it before, we absolutely deny this situation once again. And there being no evidence for such an accusation is more than enough to acquit our democratically elected government. We will not let those people who want to ruin this stable situation which came with our reign. Therefore, needed actions will be taken without leaving the borders of justice. Seeing such unlawful deeds by people whom we trust for the safety, for the security of our great nation makes the case even sadder.

    This nation had never let villains to lead the country in the past, they did not let villains to lead it now, and they will never do it in future. Our government gives a great sincere importance to the people of U.S.. So trying to damage the reputation of our elected ones with lies will not work. In opposition, it will damage the reputation of people who tells them."

    - Press Secretary of United States of America.

    I would like to share an essay I wrote for a lecture in last year. It was an actual assignment for my college and it got evaluated by my teacher. Reason of sharing this is to show that I am capable of writing.

  • Recruitment succesful, @ILLUSION will be the new White House Press Secretary. As stated in the original topic, this position is not based on election cycles, the job will be retained until he is replaced.