CIA Announcement regarding the Government

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    Fellow citizens and law enforcement units,

    Due to the recent Governmental events, more exactly the recently announced list of newly elected people, it has come to our attention the reaction of some of our fellow agencies and law enforcement units.

    Our agency will support the democratically elected government, as long as there is no clear information or proof of a external or internal criminal involvement. Our agents will not be joining other agencies into foolish acts of aggression or discredit against or government for no reason. To be direct, we believe that the current government did nothing wrong, they got elected by the people, for the people, so let them do their job.

    During the presidential speech, we have noticed organisations like Homeland Security (HLS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), The Strike Team (TST), Fox Operations X (FOX), Immigration and Customs Agency (ICE), Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) and others showing an unusual and unjustified aggression against the Government. We must not forget, they were chosen by the people and as long as they do not do anything against us as law enforcement units, I see no reasons for such reactions and armed interventions at the white house against Government members.

    We would also like to call up some of organisations for a meeting regarding the recent events and to discuss the common interest of all of us, of peace. The follow organisations are called upon for a meeting, that will take place together, at a commonly agreed time, with main point of discussion being the Government:

    Mentioned organisations, please reply to this topic or in private about a potential presence and desired meeting time and date.

    Note: We will not tolerate any form of aggression before, during and after our meeting. We will not follow any rogue organisation.

    Best regards,
    Central Intelligence Agency Director Ardron.

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  • Leaving Secret Service out hum?!

  • @Lincoln said in CIA Announcement regarding the Government:

    Leaving Secret Service out hum?!

    Secret Services is by default allowed to join, since you're part of the actual Government that is being discussed upon. Also, the aim of the meeting is to pacify the squads and not turn this into something that it shouldn't.

  • HLS Will be glad to join such meeting

  • TST will also be glad to join this meeting

  • All tsts will be glad to be included in this, we will discuss the free times and tell you.

  • 'democratically elected government' yup, we picked a president with the name Erdoghan, who doesn't stand for democracy. Isn't it funny.

  • We won't be joining this meeting as NNB. The reason is that president hasn't shown respect towards NNB and several other squads on his victory speech and we intend to return the favour. I would urge you to do the same.

  • ICE will be glad to join this meeting!

  • As the Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I am responding to this meeting with a no. FBI's executives won't attend such meetings.