Elections Live! - Rules Reminder.

  • Hey guys,

    Voting is now live until next Sunday at 11:59.

    Quick reminder on some of the rules I expect to be followed over the course of the voting.

    • You may not incentivise anyone in any way to vote for you. You cannot pay them, you cannot offer them properties or positions. This is bribery, anyone found doing so will have their candicy revoked.

    • Advertising your political party in main chat is strictly not allowed. You will be muted for 20 minutes by a member of staff. If this happens multiple times for the same candidate or party, there will be punishments. This will range from votes deductions for the specific candidate all the way up to exclusion from the vote.

    • No astroturfing polling booths. You may not stand near a booth in order to harass people in any way or incentivise them to vote for you. In real life politicians are not allowed at the booths, this is the same here.

    • These rules are subject to change & update. Please keep an eye on them. Punishments will also be handed out in instances where common sense would dictate your actions are not allowed. You're candidates for senate, I do not expect I need to hold your hand.

  • Quick addendum;

    I didn't think I'd have to say it but you may not build signs advertising yourself or your party using construction panels, specifically near election booths.

    Not only would this likely get you removed from whatever groups construction panel you have used to do this, it will have a knock-on effect to your candidacy.

  • Bumping this as the elections are now live.