AK Party | Manifesto and Nominations for 5th Amendment

  • With humbleness, sincerity and effort.

    Smart Cities

    We will integrate latest technology to our cities, AI Traffic Lights and Online Health Appointment System.


    We will publish ministry expenses and investments publicly.
    Every citizen of San Andreas deserves to learn where their taxes go.

    Welfare State

    We will improve our citizens' life quality with Fitness Centers, Libraries, Nurseries.

    We will build one Nation Garden for every city.(Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas)
    People will relax and socialize in these Nation Gardens.
    Cake and Tea will be free in Nation Gardens.


    Recep Tayyip Erdogan [ @Odakab ]

    Vice President

    Binali Yildirim [ @Terry ]

    SF Central

    Muharrem Ince [ @Velona ]

    SF South

    Casper Stapleton [ @Hoodie ]

    Chilliad + Whetstone

    Suleyman Soylu [ @System31 ]

    LS West

    Ramiz Karaeski [ @zaza ]

    LS Central

    Ezel Bayraktar [ @Jack_ ]

    LS East

    Alejandro [ @Yoko_Kurama ]

    North Venturas

    Cornelius Carter [ @Cornelius ]

  • This is the best party and the party topic I have ever seen in my entire life.