Cuban Liberation Organisation
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    To some players, CLO is a complete mystery, and even to some of the regulars they are still in the dark about the history of CLO and what we are about, why we have what we have and so on, I'm here today to explain as much as I can but will also be answering any questions you may have, it's going to be a long read but as one of the oldest and main factors of the server, I feel like it's something you should know.

    What does CLO actually stand for?
    CLO stands for Cuban Liberation Organization, and as you can tell the via the name we are based on a Cuban group.

    What is the history of CLO?

    Long time ago, on the SAES:RPG server, Area 69 was made use of, and an army was born called the Desert Eagles. This was created by one side of SAES, and what about the other side? Well we decided it wasn't for us, so we though who is there to go against this army? Let's get something going.

    Shortly after, we purchased Verdant Meadows and turned it into a base, decided on a name, skins etc and CLO was born.

    Desert Eagles wasn't as big back then as it is now, and if I remember correctly, only had one vision, Desert Eagles. There was no navy, no assault, no airborne, no special forces, so it was more controlled, things were good both classes had a lot of fun battling, it wasn't random attacks on bases, it was more.

    DE: Fancy meeting somewhere for some carnage?
    CLO: Sure

    There was only one person that wasn't happy with CLO and their ability to put up a good fight, he liked things to be easy and at the time he just happened to be one of our main scripters so, he eventually managed to get the class closed and all CLO reverted to Desert Eagles, most of them eventually ending up in the newly formed Special Ops division who did their own training such as synchronized protection, using objects to your own advantage and so on.

    In 2010 we eventually thought that CLO needs to return, so we made it happen, and fortunately our account still existed and all the properties were still in that accounts possession, so Verdant Meadows was re-activated as a spawn, the class was re-enabled, the vehicles were mapped again and CLO were back in full swing.

    Sadly, at this time Desert Eagles was larger than before and to 60% of them CLO was a new prospect they didn't quite understand the idea of it and we constantly had people come over to the base in hydras, hunters and so on placing attacks with rockets, sniping from the hills and what not, and this would happen on an average of 5 times per day.

    We decided that a move was in order, we went hunting for a possible base location and eventually we came across San Fierro Docks, this was for sale from the SAES Housing Agency for $95 Million, it was expensive but we decided it would be worth it, that day between us we put up everything we had for sale, including places like Caligulas Casino, banks we privately owned, strip clubs farms, all the valuable properties we owned, and this was people who had been in the server for years so you can only imagine the properties we owned, however it still wasn't enough, we needed help.

    People were kind enough to donate, and eventually we reach the target and purchased the property.

    After a while we moved to the base on K.A.C.C Fuels depot in Northern Las Venturas, and tried on different looks for the place. We eventually decided it was too big for us, and we wouldn't be able to make it good enough to be able to both defend it from the continuous Homeland Security and Desert Eagles raids, and moved to a new base in South-Eastern LV, where we're currently located at. Between then (Early 2011) and now (Nov. 2017), we've also had a fair few different island bases, or Cuba as they were called, first of them south of the Mt.Chilliad and the next one just south of LS Beach, and a few others in different places around and outside the San Andreas coastlines.

    As of now, Cuba is a resort island for Cubans located just south of Los Santos beach, with a ferry access from the lighthouse and is completely ran by the Cuban Government and is a separate thing from CLO, even though some claim to have seen members and equipment of the organization moving on the island.

    Why are CLO so overpowered?

    This is something we hear a lot, a simple answer is, well, we aren't. Atleast not anymore

    Yes we have hunters, hydras, seasparrows and rustlers, but we have these because we can be trusted with them, and if it's abuse your questioning with these vehicles, let me tell you, the hunters, seasparrows and hydras have been locked to a group of people, top pilots in CLO, called CLO-Air, yet still it's us who gets the attention as we are seen as the bad guys.

    There are rules with the hunters and hydras, we will only KILL using these on the following conditions

    1: If the base is under attack, the base is our property, our land, once entered it is our rules.
    2: If we are out numbered, we will use said vehicle to balance out the odds. (coughUnlike DEcough)

    CLO are mostly admins, how is that fair?
    Admins have nothing to do with it, only reason CLO has admins is because it was made by SAES back when the server seen a max of 20 people online at once, CLO are actually responsible for mapping every vehicle in Area 69, SWAT, Hells Soldiers, SICK, responsible for the gates and base mappings, and so on. We could've mapped rhinos in our base if we wanted to but Sea Sparrows are slow and weak against multiple M4 attacks, we keep things limited so in no way are we overpowered as people suggest.

    As of late 2012, CLO has actually a huge number of non-admins within us, and thinking that CLO is admins only is not at all the right way.

    By November 2017, most of our members are now regular players, or just community staff, as most of our older clan member comrades have found something else to do in their life and have since gone off to retirement from the game almost completely

    How do I join CLO?
    This is something we get asked a lot in the server, and the answer is you don't. If we think you can be trusted enough, responsible and are skilled enough, we will invite you when we see it fit.

    Nearing the end of 2010 the total count for members taken into CLO is 3, this will show you how strict we are when taking on new members, we will be expanding in 2011, we are currently outnumbered a great deal in terms of SWAT and Desert Eagles.

    By the end of 2012, we've expanded like said before, and now CLO has around 20 active members.

    (To give you a rough idea of how much we are out numbered, here SWAT has 90(?) members, and DE has around 40 and climbing, and CLO has 20.) -Outdated by now

    Miembros de la Cuban Liberation Organization (Currently out-of-date)


    Note: The list is using our aliases to keep our members safe

    CLO-Jefe (Commandante en Jefe) (CLO-HQ Rank)

    Mr.Carlos (Leader of CLO)
    Pr.Pablo (Vice Bitch of CLO)





    Vladimir the Puta

    "The sub Rank of CLO-Teniente special for people who have a addiction to the famous dildo
    This rank is made for Mr.Dildo and only in use by Mr.Dildo"








    alt text


    CLO-Air consists of CLO members with the rank of Teniente, and above. You need to be at least a Teniente to try taking the infamous CLO-Air tests (Bartman failed).
    The CLO-Air group allows members to fly hunters, seasparrows and hydras, whether they be for protecting our base, having fun times with DE, or just getting from one place to another very quickly. To be in CLO-Air, you must be able to maneuver aircrafts very well and succeed in dogfights (air battles). Only Tenientes and above may try out for CLO-Air as experience in CLO is key for trustworthiness of powerful machines such as these.




    I will update this more at some point, but for now feel free to ask any questions.

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