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    Group Information
    Group Name: The Sentinels
    Group Founders: @Zei @FireFox @Sou
    Date of Foundation: 17/03/2019
    Group Colour: #3A5BDF
    Group Motto: "It is either peace or freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once"
    Group Tag(s): Name|SNT or SNT|Name|Rank
    Our Discord server: https://discord.gg/AXJpsKy


    San Andreas, a state drenched in various criminal activities. To fight against the daily terror that the civilians have to endure, it hosts various anti-terrorist organizations and police squads. The Los Santos state prison, situated in Idlewood, was the most secure location to lock bloodthirsty criminals in.

    However, throughout the years, explicit breaches and jailbreaks had become frequent. Violence spread among the inmates and the prison guards, and the latter were subject to a great deal of pain. The reason behind this increasing disorder which the government could pin was the rise of an organized criminal band called "Outbreak Organization".

    Started in the early years of 2013-2014, Outbreak thrived on a set of extremely menacing gang members who shared the pleasure of crossing the line. Massively backed from several powerful organizations, Outbreak was well-equipped, well enough to overpower the prison guards of the state. The criminal threat was noticeably growing, and the guards couldn't help but unceasingly take hard hits. With democracy and decorum crumbling, constant escapades of dangerous criminals only lowered the morale of the public. Outbreak clearly had total dominion over the jail.

    Yet, due to internal issues, the band started dissociating. Sometime in 2015, it vanished entirely without leaving a trace. Slowly, peace in the Los Santos prison was restored. Several police units were deployed to search and apprehend the very last member of the organization, though their efforts were in vain. But it did not matter, as order was already achieved.

    However, recently in 2019, similar activities of the fallen organization were spotted. At first, it was just a theory, but soon it was known to the public that Outbreak has emerged from the dead, stronger and better than before. It was a time of panic and chaos once again, although this time an undercover CIA Agent had a plan, a plan to assemble a task force of elite cops, the purpose of which is solely to stand up to the troublemakers and extinguish their grave menace.

    And so The Sentinels was formed, a group of highly motivated individuals, seeking to overthrow Outbreak from its game. The battle for true peace and order has just begun.


    The Sentinels is an independent task force of elite law enforcement officers whose task is to establish order in the Los Santos Prison and protect it from any breach attempts, particularly those done by its archenemy, the infamous OutBreak Organization. The Sentinels staff is constantly stationed in every corner of the jail, keeping watch over the inmates and remaining vigilant for any intruders. Besides that, in case of any public disturbance of peace, the Sentinels are the first to dispatch a Riot Control Unit to hold back the rioters by any means, with the Police Department backing them up in regards to equipment and manpower. The Sentinels also deliver safe, secure, quick and efficient prisoner escort services between the prison or police stations and court appearances on behalf of the Department of Justice.


    • Do not break the server rules specified in the F1 panel, use your common sense.
    • Do not abuse in any manner while stopping a JailBreak
    • Respect higher ranked officers.
    • Make sure to complete your assigned task before its specified deadline.
    • Respect everyone and do not attract attention by being toxic in general.
    • If you are unsure about doing something, kindly ask the older members before doing it.



    Warden (L)

    @FireFox (firefox201791)

    Deputy Warden (vL)

    @Sou (thedamnboss)

    Assistant Warden (sL)

    @Hassoni (hassoni)

    Colonel (HQ)

    @Pau (kuyt11)

    Major (sHQ)

    @JohnnyEnglish (johnnyenglish)



    @Berker (berkersaes)

    @Qweezy (qweezy31)


    @Sw3dy (sw3dy)

    @Absent (bobi02)



    @Reacher (vase)

    @DyamDouglas (dyam98)


    @Unique (hollykille)

    @Alex (alex017)

    @Nori999 (nori999)

    Probationary C.O.






    • Must not be affiliated with CLO, CeM or OB in any way.
    • Must have an understandable English proficiency.
    • Must have a decent reputation in the community in addition to maturity.
    • Must at least have 1 year of experience on the server.
    • Should preferably be a qualified police officer (a member of ProCops).

    You should introduce yourself (as in provide your nickname(s), username, and brief information about your career in SAES). You should also mention the reasons for wanting to join SNT.

    IMPORTANT NOTE : There is no application format, applicants must design their application on their own.

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    The Sentinels VS OutBreak!

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  • Hello,

    My name is Lincoln, I am eight-teen years old. You can find me under the name [ NNB]Lincoln in-game. I'd login with the username 'abdivdbf.

    I have been playing for over 3 years now, during these years I've built up quite good experience through joining several organizations. Most of my time, I've spent on the criminal side, where I learned the basics of the game, such as shooting, driving, cracking etc.

    Then a few months ago I decided to switch to the police side since I already experienced everything on the criminal side, let's say it was because of curiosity.

    The reason for applying for this group is that I love raiding those prison breaks, to be honest. But, I have noticed that it isn't easy to raid it just like that, let's be honest 1 police officer no matter how skilled he is, is no match for 15 criminals. So, it basically requires good team-working to eventually end the riot. And I'd believe I am capable of working together with the members of this group since most of them are my friends.

    Thank you for reading my application, If you have any questions, feel free to direct message me via either forums or discord.


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  • Basic Information About My Self
    Username : hoangtien
    Forum name : SideSwipe
    Ingame name : Officer|Side
    Connective with one CEM member as OB : Rubik
    Rate English : 7/10
    I played SAES:RPG: 1 years 5 month
    ProCops access : N/A
    Information About My Ceer arIn SAES
    My role in sever is Officer but sometime is truck or fuel trucker just doing for money as saver of vehicle, i like patrolling around cities, arresting or chasing crims to stop their plan like trying to make SR or BR even kidnap. I live and playing follow rules so i respect all of it. But i have adminjail 2nd ( Reason i can tell you ingame ).
    Reason Wanting to Join SNT
    I would like to join Sentinel cuz i wan't to stop and standing to againt them. Like i know OutBreak rip in 2013-2014 but now their came back so we must do something to keep safe for prison, protect our of us community.

  • @Lincoln said in The Sentinels:


    My name is Lincoln, I am eight-teen years old.

    Respected Applicant, your application is well received and we are glad to announce you that you have passed that stage, you shall now have to prove your skill ingame. We will keep an eye out for you. You are set on Pending as of this instant.


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    We will never be under your oppression, we will always fight for the freedom of our companions. We look forward to see what are you capable of. Good luck !