Q: Why was San Andreas News even created and founded?

A: Well, I just thought of it as an idea to express more information onto the forums rather than keeping everything in the discord. Also, we can add more pictures here and we have built a team of 3 to keep track of the updates. This all is rather meant for the Community to know what's going on in-game, on the forums or in the discord.

Q: Who founded San Andreas News and who is in the Team?

A: It has been founded and created by Me, Markus and currently I have @Terry & @Crash alongside with me.

Q: How can I join San Andreas News?

A: Sadly, you can not as I find that I do not need more people in the Team at the moment, at least. But, if you really are that interested and really have the time and effort to research and update the topic whenever something new comes out, you can try to convince me via the Private Messages on the forums or on discord.

Q: Is this really necessary even tho we have the News button on the forums and #saesdev-changelog in the discord?

A: Yes, there are several reasons. The Newsfeed does not express in-game and forum updates, rather just general rule updates, gameplay changes and so on. But although the Developer Log shows the in-game updates, it does not consist of pictures and so on. I find the Developer Log more like, gameplay change even tho we show and upload pictures of the updates and so on. It's a Yes and No question.

Q: Is this the old group? SANA?

A: No, not at all. We thought about keeping the SAES News title but after a little discussion with Brophy, we kept it SA News as it was in the beginning set by him.

Q: Is this an Official group with their forums and spawn coming soon?

A: Nope, this will never happen. We will never ask for a spawn because we're just here to notify the Community of updates that they might have not noticed yet.