Reporting Tut Greco for illegal adminjail

  • @Tut-Greco
    you probably didn't understand me in the game? let's talk about it here? So, why did you hurt me, I explained everything to you, I did everything, observing the server rules. I'm waiting for explanations and pictures, I'm sure the @kim player did fakereport on purpose. Let's discuss this.

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  • @Kim please attach all screenshots here, and I believe that you will incur fakereport punishment.

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  • @Kim Dude, just put all the screenshots here, you were just lucky that the admin believed you. I’m waiting for all the evidence and the exact reason for my punishment. Better do it.

  • damage logs and screenshot appeared to be valid. your punishment record is quite long (both on your current and previous account(s)), i wasn't surprised. i let the report sit when going afk for coffee. forgot to note that i had questioned kim and you about it. either way, kenny adminjailing you for camping hospital remains valid in my eyes. i have spectated you a bit through the day and seen you standing by this wall, so you're obviously not trying to avoid hospital arresting.
    alt text

  • @Tut-Greco
    what are you saying? i didn't stand there!

  • @Tut-Greco
    I made fucking 2800 arrests, and I didn't receive any punishment for them, and you think that I make HS arrests? Are you serious?

  • I will write how everything was, clearly and on punks. Read this story and make sure that it is fakereport.

  • 1)I ran around the turf zone, where I met my Russian friends from the gang Z.
    2)I started selling stars to them, since I knew them, well, in general.
    3) @kim player resorts and starts a war with gang Z. I reacted first and ran to arrest him.
    4)I could not arrest him and he killed me, but friends from gang Z killed him.
    5)I was reborn in LVPD, clicked K> UElKim> locate on map
    6)I came to the hospital, I found him when he was chatting with someone.
    7)20 seconds after his appearance at the hospital has just passed
    8)I started ramming his car (sgt) with my car (police dodge),
    9)his car exploded, and I could not arrest him, as i'm died from the explosion.
    10)he survived the explosion, and I showed up at the hospital for $ 500 and arrested him.
    11)then he began to spam me in PM, that I am a stupid Russian, and so on.

  • @Tut-Greco
    I have never made a HS arrest, I have been playing for a cop for a long time, and I know the rules of arrest, that’s why I wasn’t punished for that. I don’t know why you believed him. arresting

  • This is not a chat, make one post then wait for an admin to reply.

  • @kenny I'm sorry, I'm just on the emotions.

  • @Tut-Greco And this is a very long list of violations?


    alt text

    • 15 January I received adminjail for something,but accurately not for dm.

    2019.02.04 jailed for 1 second,as I wrote on the report itself,where said transferred gaming money the COP when I accidentally made avoid.
    Also 1 of all those penalties I got for what you just wrote in chat that I was being punished.

  • @Tut-Greco
    you also wrote that I stood against that wall many times,but I never stood there, what nonsense?what past accounts?would I get banned for multiacc I guess?It looks ridiculous lol, maybe you saw me there when I ran to take the car in the Parking lot, since I only have Sultan(impounded) and Parker (with 5% fuel).

  • the following screenshot lacks 1 adminjail from page 2 of your punishment history
    alt text

    once again it isn't me who adminjailed you, but i have ruled it a breach in the rules, so did kenny without me suggesting it to him. i'll close your complaint. have a nice day!