Restrict the GTA SA map

  • So as we all know, San Andreas is rather empty at the moment as a whole on SAES - the decreasing server populating and etc, etc. Now, I'd like to suggest the follow, that we close off the available map on SAES, similar to how it is when you start GTA SA as CJ in the vanilla game.

    If all the players were only restricted to either LS, SF or LV it may help to reinvigorate the community as you won't end up with the huge expanses of emptiness in the map as it currently it right now. Now you may not all agree with me, but it may be far more enjoyable to have everyone on SAES restricted to Los Santos for example. As a criminal, you would be far more inclined to seek privacy in alleyways or in a bike park; as a cop, you could turn any corner and see far more people driving down the street or walking about. Additionally, the concentration of players will mean that it may help the roleplay scene on SAES a little bit as you likelihood of encountering a player who isn't simply afk at LV X would be far higher.

    I'm not saying that SA is completely deserted, all I am simply saying is that if all the players were in a smaller area, it may be far more exciting and unpredictable to play as you will encounter more people and the city will be far more customised to the community as all the organisations will have to move in.

    In order to do this, I would simply recommend that barriers are placed on the bridges between the states and that all the markers/ events are removed from the states that won't be in use. Therefore, they'd still be accessible if say DE and CLO wanted to go have an 'urban war', or if someone wants to have a shady meeting in the desert or woods for example.

    alt text

    Feel free to add any suggestions below or to discuss the idea! (Sorry about the messed up poll - I don't know how to edit it).

  • Payne been drinking dont mind him

  • @Crash said in Restrict the GTA SA map:

    Payne been drinking dont mind him

    also, he's a wild person now, he's been way too much in the wild world woods, cabins and stuffs.

    please make sure you understand our belove @IG8820 and dont judge him 😃

  • That would pretty much break the server as new people wouldn't be able to do and participate in a lot of things, What on itself requires a lot of scripting what I'd rather have the time put into some new server or good improvements for all.

    Also, doubt new players would stay around if they can't enjoy the server to the full extent with others that have been playing for ages.

  • @Legacy I'm not saying that we should remove what is currently available for players to do. I am simply saying, that we move everything SAES has to offer into one city so that we end up with a server which feels more alive.

  • Whether you say it or not, restricting gameplay to one city would indeed remove what is currently available for players to do. All delivery jobs go over all 3 cities (pilot, transporter, trucker, captain etc.), there are 6 available banks all over the map, all robbable stores are spread around the map, countless gang/squad/group bases would have to move. Not to mention how actually small a city is for all mentioned above to fit in it and what would the effect on Tunisian FPS be. These are just some things off the top of my head that would have to be removed or moved, there are many more to add to the list.

    I'm not telling you that your idea is bad (your idea is bad), it is impossible and/or would take years with SAES' development speed.

  • I see your point, but only way to fix that is we all need to invite our friends to server to play with us
    (EDIT: i forgot that i dont have friends)

  • You high?

  • @DROT - what you are stating is not restricting gameplay, as I am not suggesting any of those features be removed. I am simply suggesting that it should be restricted to a smaller area of the map. If you are so fused about the scenery of your store when responding to a store robbery on SAES - you might be a little bit eccentric.

    It would probably be a scripting nightmare, but... eh.

    @Human_ - as of this moment, no.

    alt text
    ^ I want player activity to be 'restricted' to one of these three areas, as to go with the idea of making the server feel a little more 'alive' by having everyone occupy a smaller area.

  • "Restricted like it in on the vanilla game." I used cheat codes and explored everything xD. But nah SAES to deep in the game to do shit like this. Gang bases all over to many different spawns. If we restricted everyone to LS it would be Los Deathmatch Santos.

  • Sorry to say that, but that was one of the most retarded suggestions I've read so far.

  • I suggest to add tolls on every city highways [well the term is close tho]

  • @Filex That was a thing at some point, but it's removed for some reason, idk why. I liked it.
    Some relevant links:

    Should be more images on this, somewhere

  • on top of this being a bad idea it would take far too long to implement, all scripts which run across multiple counties would need be re-done

    this idea was not thought through at all because none of your suggestions address the issues doing this would cause

  • Or add blips back to make it feel less empty 🙂