Improving criminal work

  • Hello everyone, my game name is UNDER.Today I want to put forward my proposal on the improvement of gaming,criminal work.This job is the Transporter.I think that those who play this role for many years got a car sultan.I want to offer the administrator to structure instead of the car sulatan to enter such cars as: Alpha, Glendale ,Sabre and Huntley. It would be fun if these cars were random. In my opinion, this update would be interesting for novice players on our favorite server,as a novice player will be looking for the opportunity to quickly get the game currency to buy a car and a house.This update will add interest to this work,maybe even some joy to novice players.Thank you all! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • It doesn't request that much job, like you get random job for like LV Creek > Angel Pine or so, it just get random car, like Sabre, Alpha, Sentinel or so.
    Not bad idea though.