I bid you farewell.
By Riley, in Emotions

  • Damn bro. I got shocked when I noticed this topic. It was so unexpected, especially from you. We had many great moments on this beautiful server. You really took your piece from the community's life. I wish you best of luck in your real life, and I hope after some time we can see you around us again. Take care 🙂 ❤

  • It was fun having you around, nice moments we've been spending together. Good luck mate hope to have you issues solved soon. Take care man.

  • I'm truly sorry to hear about this, and I sincerely hope you sort things out and get back on track.

    You've been a hell of a great fellow. I apologize if I made you feel bad in any way.

    I wish you all the best, take care of yourself, and see you soon.

  • Look despite whatever happend have faith and push through. Ive been through the most and i believe anyone can with little ounce of faith. And if the situtatiom ever change, which it mostly always does, you are always welcome back to our community.

    We in FOX appreciate you and we wish you godspeed in whatever youre dealing with.
    P.S. You can stay in FOX until you leave yourself.

  • @JohnnyEnglish
    I wish you nothing but the best my man it was very good having played side by side with you. Remember that theres always light in the end of the tunnel so dont lose hope and youll be alright. As sam says your FOX bros always got and will have your back.

  • Take it easy johnny!

  • @JohnnyEnglish Sorry to hear the news pal, I hope you can sort the things out and get back on track!
    Take care buddy and who knows where the future leads to

  • git gud ;/ indian boi

  • Good luck in the future @JohnnyEnglish thanks for your time hope you be better as soon as possible

  • Watching another good guy with a good personality leaving makes me feel sorry. Nothing to say but good luck with your life, shit happens but you will overcome it soon I hope.
    Don't give a damn about groups as you will always be welcomed back anytime just whenever you come back and soon I wish. Good luck and keep in touch on discord as much as you can.

  • Well... surely didn't expect it anytime soon, really sad mate and the way things seem like going, all I can do is wish you a great freaking luck for future; Both health wise and the undisclosable problem you are facing. Game's always secondary and hence if I can be of help of any sort, feel free to contact. Although we rarely ever talked, I respect you for being who you are. Good luck and definitely see you in the very near future!

  • Hm, from where I could start.. and try to not be long. Actually, there's nothing bad to say. In my honest opinion you're really good player & person, who's quite respected, unfortunately, it is really sad to see that you're leaving, you've shocked me honestly of this move.

    Anyways I don't want to talk too long on this topic, take care in real life and I hope you will solve any problems, wish you good luck. Hope everything will be fine, and feel free to hit me up on discord whenever you wish.

    I hope I will see you around soon on this community.

  • Well, ur a really good person ... sad to see u leaving :'(( cya mate and gl with ur real life ..sm love ❤