I bid you farewell.

  • Hello my beloved SAES players,
    I am Johnny English, I am playing since 2017, this message is for those whom I acquainted with and those who cared for me, as well as those who I cared for.
    I wanted to bid you all farewell now that I am going to discontinue playing.
    Let's say that something extremely horrible has happened in my personal life, under no circumstances can I disclose what that thing is and it is the reason why I am going to discontinue spending time on this lovely community.
    I have respected you all throughout this journey and have tried my level best to give to the server. I emotionally request you all to respect me in return and please refrain from posting content which may emotionally damage me any further, I now stand on the precipice of ruin and everything is in ashes. I am not exaggerating or attention whoring here. I have done my best for the server and I had many plans but this sudden change in aspect has ruined everything else, I am mentally robbed of my senses and circumstances have pushed me to make horrible decisions which now have screwed me up. So, there it is. Goodbye, my friends. I know that this is a rather unforeseen consequence for those whom I have recently been with but I have no choice in the recent actions, another thing is my health has deeply decayed due to not paying attention to my body and that only but adds to my current troubles. I personally want to thank those who helped me throughout this fun journey we had together, you did nothing but only try to improve fun for me on the hours I spent on this server. To those who hate me, though I doubt there won't be much ( I hope ) I am sorry for being the reason of your anger and loathe, I hope you forgive me and we may end this cursed cycle of hate.
    @Jasper @kipt
    @Scorpyo @Lincoln
    Dear Leader/HQ (s) of my current server memberships, I want to thank you for giving me the chance to be one of you and unlock more fun for me while I enjoyed on the server. I sincerely hope that you may find it in yourself to consider me as out of service and not disband me from the groups, I deeply thank you once again.

    That's about it, but I want you guys to know that all is not over for me, if I am able to survive current conditions then there is little hope for me to get back on my personal life's normal status, this means that there is little, sparse, minute, negligibly small hope that I am going to be able to fix things, but it may take at least a year or two and that means that there is a possibility that I can return to normal conditions, hence be able to play SAES again in my free time. I do hope that I attempt the impossible and fix things up, I really want to keep playing with you guys, the community I love. The place where I can freely express myself and have fun.

    I bid you now farewell, if not, then see you guys after quite a while. I want to play again, I hope you do not change or forget me, I do not want time to damage everything I have spent time on for.

    Good luck, my friends for your future aspirations and missions. I hope you find success and I hope I may find a little help in my deranged life. Thank you for being there, even if you didn't want or mean to.

    Please remember that I write this only because I respect the hell out of each of you, please show me some respect and do not post replies which can cause me more trouble than I currently am in, I will not be able to take it.

    Thank you.
    For Everything.
    To those who don't have it, I'm on discord as JohnnyEnglish#5229
    Goodbye, or see you later ( I hope )


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    Johnny English.
    A player of San Andreas Emergency Services in Multi Theft Auto.


    PS : I do not know if I can but I will try my best to at least stay active on social media handles, I think it mostly will be discord. There is a minute possibility that I may even join the game but it won't be from my condition and I suggest would be once a few months just to say hi or check out you guys. Love y'all.

  • @JohnnyEnglish LUV YOU! ❤ Hope you get better soon :3 You know where I am if you wanna talk ❤ ❤ ❤

  • @JohnnyEnglish good luck with your real life problems, you did so much for SanAndreasStudios and we are hela thankful for that thats why you wont be forgotten, take care buddy ❤

  • I hope you will be fine ☹

  • Take care!

  • Well, I am very sad to see you leaving after all this time we had, But as always real life comes first, I hope everything will be okay In your life and I hope you'll be fine and come back soon! Take care brother.

  • Under no circumstances eh? like because of an investigation going on?.....

    Are you being prosecuted for soliciting sex from a minor? Ask @kenny for help, he likes kids...

    I'm kidding, farewell.

  • Hei @JohnnyEnglish sad to see you go mate, we didnt finish our mentoring session yet! 😞 But hei, real life comes first! Feel free to hit me up anytime on discord if you wanna talk about anything! Didn't know you for such a long time, but you were cool to be around! Hope all ends well for you.

    Best regards, Ardron

  • Take care bro and good luck in real life!

  • aye bro, always remember that your brothers are always here if you wanna cry it out.

  • @Hoodie said in I bid you farewell.:

    @JohnnyEnglish LUV YOU! ❤ Hope you get better soon :3 You know where I am if you wanna talk ❤ ❤ ❤

    I doubt he gonna visit Australia soon m8.

  • Take care friend. Didn't have those big chats with you, but you're cool. Hope everything gets in its place and you can move on. Farewell.

  • The fuck u bambo @JohnnyEnglish

  • Damn brother,

    It was fun ti have you around, I hope things will get better for you. May we see each other in game again!!
    Goodluck ❤😘

  • We had good moments, together. It seems that we need to split up.When you need help from something you can type me. Hope to see you back in saes.


  • All i can say is good luck in your personnal life bud, hope to see you back asap ❤

  • As others said, Real life comes first
    Take care, good luck and we will be waiting for you brother 🌙

  • Holy, sad to see you go. You’re still young and shit is happening to you, I hope you will get alright and join us back soon!
    Good luck feller!

  • We have known each other for years now, way even before we played saes. I can say that you have been my best friend in mta. You have taught me a lot, taught me to fight and not quit, you have been there for me when no one else would. I know that you are strong, you can handle everything, this world still has a lot to hear and know you better. I am sure you will get well soon.

  • Mate, take care of yourself, hope one day we will see you ingame you were like one of the people i trusted in the server and i can only remember good memories from our friendship, i just have to say take care of yourself,your life and your family.Hope to see you back one day 😃
    Regards, Zei
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