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    Here you can find all of our latest Activities~!
    Our Topic: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/6858/highwaymen-mc/10

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    RolePlay #!
    The Deal
    I went to the bar of our friends because of our friends and talked to @bas to bring us weapons for 15 thousand dollars he agreed we agreed and said he would call me to hand over my weapons
    Companies: Highwaymen-MC Rebels MC
    Pariticpants: Polenta,@Bas
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/i2L2uvL

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    RolePlay #2
    we gather strenght
    as you know my club is starting a war with Rebels MC and now we've been gathering players and weapons with which we can defend because we're new to the business then got a quit from @pewd who can sell me first-class weapons I got back to their base he showed the weapons I knew they would never lie to me and without trying them directly bought them then helped me bring the guns to our shop and said goodbye
    Companies: Highwaymen-MC Wild~Angels
    Participants: Polenta,@PewD
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/gn1s0fY

  • #1 Activity
    HMC Members: Polenta,@dhiamlaih
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/xu3qjTt

  • RolePlay #3
    Drug Dealing
    Story: I needed a little drugs to sell on the market I knew that the right people were the UE I got back to their casino we talked then he showed me where the drugs were and lit a cigarette I took 2 pounds of cocaine then I paid the guy and went to sell my drugs
    Companies: Highwaymen MC Underground Empire
    Participants: Polenta,@Braindead
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/0zxO0hf

  • RolePlay #4
    a little sale
    Story: Lately, I started buying a lot more drugs than a sale, then I received a phone call from a close companion who needed a drug to give his address and he arrived then looked at the drug and asked for a 30-pound drug I helped to get her out of his trunk paid me after that I had a problem with my engine the clutch was broken and then I immediately changed it and went to test it.
    Companies: Highwaymen-MC Wild~Angels
    Participants: Polentaa,@pewd
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/FVEVTrf

  • RolePlay #5
    Little Drug Deal
    Story: we need weapons and we decided to go to the base of our drug colleagues who welcomed us pretty well then I asked for a little drug that he showed me and unpacked a sample after I tried it straight my throat froze and immediately ordered 30 pounds of the nice coke he helped with her and went to talk about the theater he wanted for a price of 200 thousand dollars that we immediately managed to pay with 2 bags full up with balls he was happy and bought us a drink in their bar then I gave him the money I turned the bus and my friend Deputy we went to our base
    Companies: Highwaymen-MC OverdoseCrime
    Participants: Polentaa,Kesse,@AlanWalker
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/zBcF929

  • RolePlay #6
    @MonkaS said in Original Gangsters ~ Media Archive:

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    OG Roleplay #5
    Title: ''Little bit of business''
    Story: One day I was driving around San Andreas with naid666, suddenly I got a call from @Polentaa in the Highwaymen-MC gangs, he said that HMC needed guns, So after talking about what guns and price etc. he sent me a location. me and said brought our car full of guns. When we arrived at the location, we started with shaking hands. Then I showed him the guns, he looked at the guns and he picked up the guns he was interested to buy in. I and naid666 started to check all the weapons he wanted to buy, and then we loaded them in HMC base. When all the guns were in HMC base, he gave me the money we talked about earlier on the phone. After that, I and naid666 headed off to OG base.

  • #2 Activity
    Our First RoadTrip
    HMC Members: Polenta,guylavockus,lorainosuero,carlitomoya +the special assistance of our friend who helps us arrange the trip [TT]Timbo @xxtimboBG
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/2i58iVp

  • RolePlay #7
    The Revenge
    Story: the simple fools from Rebels MC tried to break our gang yesterday but I had a lot of help from my friends and now with my companion we went to visit their bar but there was nobody was deserted and the air was shuffling then we went out and set them on fire bikes after which we disappeared
    Companies: Highwaymen-MC
    Participants: Polenta,Kessetebee
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/Dd2cm9d

  • RolePlay #8
    Business with old friend
    Story:I was chilling in our base and I noticed our supply of drugs was running low. We can't make money without drugs, and I remembered we have a good drug dealer called Jiirak. So I set up a meeting with him in order to buy some drugs and his organization was known for making high quality drugs and their prices are very good, I went to talk with him and he show me the drugs and they were of an exquisite quality, so we decided to purchase 10 kilos, with a price of $3,000 per kilo. After we agreed on the deal, his men started loading the drugs in my car after that we took the drugs someplace safe and stored them there.

    Companies: Highwaymen-MC - Cripz
    Participants: HardBass,Jiirak
    : https://imgur.com/a/lxQbjMV