Weather script change

  • Hello, well i only have few words to say or a small idea to suggest / change
    The new weather update which came out with the v1.5 Patch is bad, at least that what most players said,
    Doing a Roleplay nowadays is hard ( i've personally faced problems for my group role plays ), duo to this weather change, you can't take 5 screen shots in a row , each screen shot has a different weather. also, 70% of the play time is rainy , some players lag because of the rain and the rest of the time is cloudy.
    So i suggest to Remove this weather change update or Lower the odds of rains/clouds and time between each changes, it was more realistic before

  • there's an open discussion in a similar thread found here, feel free to join in.

  • @Tut-Greco didn't see it, will delete this one and drop my opinion at the first one