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    CripZ Trailer 2017 SAES:RPG – 02:07
    — Laggiaze

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    CripZ was managed by Assasin and they were dealing with little works. On his own at best could they do some store robbery and drug delivery. The business was something restricted to some neighbourhoods and hidden activity. The leadership of CripZ was taken by Assasin’s cousin, Zaza. CripZ shortly managed to increase their respect among other gangs in Los Santos, mostly because of their fame of being dangerous and fearless. Just then, huge wars started between Leader of Cripz and leader of Bloodz, Marwin. That district wars continued nearly one year. Both sides got great losses. In the end, CripZ managed to make a final assault on Bloodz's resistance to result with the death of their leader. The fights for the power and CripZ's pressure put an end to the gang. After that, all drug smuggling and criminal activities passed into the hands of CripZ.

    After the death of Marwin all city cops started to move to get rid of what was left of both gangs after the huge wars that surprised the city. The pursuit lasted for 2 months. Final decision by SAPD was arresting Zaza and his leadership team to force the gang to disssapear or merge into internal wars. In the meantime Zaza escaped to Romania to stay with his brother known as Duff.

    In Romania, Zaza learned some useful things from local mafias and about great scale business. During the stay in Romania they followed San Andreas news and discovered SAPD considered CripZ as dissapeared and no longer put in force methods to aprehend their members. Duff and Zaza moved to Los Santos as soon as possible to take advantage of this situation since they were considered dead and no longer prosecuted by the police. They were not so strong as in the past as most of them were dead, in other countries or jailed. Remaining CripZ members started to make some little work stuff when the brothers were back from Romania. They started to smuggle drugs. But whenever they start to drug delivery,trucks were attacked by bikers.

    During up and downs of the gang and external and internal fights the gang dissapeared several times, or remained composed by a couple of neighbourhoods which were still up to fight. These neighbourhoods managed to keep the gang alive or hidden while the situation cooled down or it was a good time to take back what was CripZ's territories. Nowadays, CripZ's leaders have been in several countries around the world, working closely with foreign mafias where they learned a new kind of business, the moonshine smuggling, which seemed pretty profitable in San Andreas.

    Obviously an illegal production is much more profitable to avoid the taxes, even if you have to bribe a couple of highway patrols, it will smoothly make a regular cash. CripZ keeps their stronger business in Los Santos, but managed to create small communities of cooperators around San Andreas to produce and deliever the moonshine. We get a flat raided? Doesn't mind, we still have lots of them .CripZ's stronger support nowadays are poor neighborhood boys who search for a living and eventually get recruited in the gang's lines easily and for a poor payment. Certain areas of Los Santos are actual fortresses. Now CripZ hopes to keep growing and counts on foreign help with planes that import the material for the business landing here and there and small delieveries here and there. Hopefully, as always, what started as a small deal, will end in the return of the control of Los Santos by CripZ's soldiers.

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    Moonshine business :alt textWith the profits made with the drug business, CripZ was able to create an alcohol industry. Alcohol is distributed to friendly and neutral gangs in big quantities through independent shippers like truckers under threat and the gang resources. The alcohol is produced in San Andreas, with a decentralized system. The production areas can be found in old abandoned factories, undercover business and several flats and houses in CripZ territory. Those production areas which aren't within the limits of the CripZ's territories are used as hidden business for the distribution of the alcohol in a legal appearance.
    The agricultural products required for the alcohol making can be found in Flint County farms, where farmers get a good profit for their harvest and gladly cooperate with the gang. When the production in Flint County isn't large enough, the resources may enter legally through Los Santos docks or illegally through small airplanes which land on lonely areas coming from other countries. The products coming from Flint County come in a totally legal way, those who come through the docks often require bribings and the airplane smuggling is done totally against the laws.

    The legal transport is done in a fast way. The transport of the illegal products to the production area is done through bribing of local departments to avoid highway patrols or through fake load papers provided by the mafias which get a profit with other CripZ's activities. Sometimes the risk is taken, and truckers are sent with illegal loads, but the price of the alcohol is risen.

    At the production areas the agriculture products are transformed in the required alcohol and bottled. These bottles may receive fake labels of famous alcohol brands that easily go through the checkpoints or be transported in the same way as agricultural products, with the help of bribes and fake papers.Alcohol is delievered safely and prize is variable depending on the money used for the transport, which is often very small compared with the huge profit obtained with the selling of the product.

    Vehicular distribution by standard modification of branded vehicles:alt textThe majority of vehicular theft around SA are carried out by us. We externally ship vehicles, parts and illegally modified bespoke engines, tailored to meet the exact requirements through job production. Disassembly of common branded vehicles are performed for recreation of our own vehicles, in which has superseded the automotive industry, rendering our vehicles to be distributed at the highest price on the black market. Smuggling these vehicles globally to become renowned throughout all prestigious gangs is our goal.

    Primarily, our main contract resides in the legal partnership with the renowned party – Cuban Liberation Organisation. We have our own garage which serves a specific purpose and service to each and every organisation that we sell to. In exchange, we have been met with an agreement in order to be provided with security and weaponry, whilst manufacturing mechanical parts.

    Whilst vehicular manufacturing is our primary concern, carjacking is widely carried out throughout San Andreas. They are then taken to private garages, these are either sold on very quickly or have been re-modified to make the car discrete. We have contracts with the licensing agency to provide alternate registered license plates. We are also in the habit of providing security vans, made to sustain military grade weaponry and explosives. These are provided to organisations that can do as they please.

    Drug Trafficking:alt textCripZ was already doing little security, transportation and sometimes being the middleman in a drug deal.But they wanted to do more than that over time. After gaining a big profit from moonshine and illegal vehicles. They were looking to expand the gang income because CripZ was a developing gang and its expenses were too big. So they sent their scouts around San Andreas to get information about the drug thing. The scouts were reporting that drug business can be really interesting and profitable if the managing person can play the right cards. CripZ had to expand its self if they wanted to have respect all around the San Andreas. So they started by buying little amounts of drugs from local dealers and dealing them at other places while other respected members set up a factory to produce drugs and find a safe way to transport the drugs without the police noticing.

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    Gang Leader: @zaza

    Gang Vice Leader: @Duff

    Gang HQ Team: @ViRuSLN@ElPadrino@Adriano@Fesko

    Gang Tag: CripZ>Name │ CripZ*>Name

    Gang Helpers Tag: BlueZ>Name

    Gang Panel: CripZ~

    Gang Cash : 300.000.000 $

    Gang Motto: If you Aint Blue then you aint True ~ CripZ

    Gang level: 5

    Color Code: #005550

    RGB color Code: R:0 G:85 B:80

    Gang Created: 2017 - February - 07

    Gang Alliances: @The-company@Comando-da-Capital@OverdoseCrime

    • Level Applications

    Level 1 > Accepted

    Level 2 > Accepted

    Level 3 > Pending > Accepted

    Level 4 > Accepted

    Level 5 > Accepted

    • Gang Base: @Leighs Love Shack Corp

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    Gang Properties

    Cripz Red County WareHouse Business
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    Cripz Weed Farm
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    Cripz Inside Track Betting
    alt text
    Angel Pine Junkyard
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    Total Events: 856

    Total BankRobs: 876 [ 8/8 ]

    Total Activity Screens ( Turf,Training and Races in total ) : Over 450

    Total Roleplays: Over 400

    Media Archive: Click Here

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    ~LeveL 5
    The most important member that has reached to lead the whole gang in San Andreas


      ~Level 4
     ~Vice Leader
     The right hand of the leader


    ~Level 4
    Head Quarter of Gang when Leader and Viceleaders arent online


    ~Level 3
    A member that is close to the leader  and has proved his loyalty.


    ~Level 2
    A member that gives information to  the leader about the things that happen in the gang.


    ~Level 1
    ~Trusted Gangsta
    A member who deserved to be trusted and loyal to CripZ.  He is one of the important member now


    ~Level 0
    ~Young Gangsta
    Someone who passed probation time and stay in the gang for a month and it's 
    not just a probie. He'll become a Gangsta when he proves he's worth it.


    Total members in the gang: 62

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    Recruitment Status: Open

    If you're aiming to join CripZ then make sure you fit the following requirements:

    ● Being able to follow orders.

    ● A basic knowledge of English

    ● Respect to The whole community.

    ● Being able to Roleplay.We always check your Roleplay skills.

    ● A minimum experience in the game that's make you able to understand the

    ● Do not use any color code in your application

    ●We're looking for skilled players who have the enough knowledge of the game and of everything needed to have fun with us. If you're hoping to join make sure you know how to roleplay,Also you should have the enough patience to wait till your application is answered and have a decent behaviour towards the whole community and to yourself, respecting the F1 rules.If you are wishing to join CripZ you need a key called ''patience''.Its most important thing for cripz members.Patience will show us your loyalty and attitudes against to everyone Apart from that we wish you good luck, further instructions can be found in the application!

    * **1-Personal Informations**
    **1. Ingame Name & Real Name:** 
    **2. Account Name:** 
    **3. Age:** 
    **4. Nationality:** 
    **5. Rate Your English Level (1-10):** 
    **6. Tell us about yourself :**
    **7. Do you have teamspeak or discord :**
    * **2-Ingame Informations**
    **1. How long have you been playing on SAES:** 
    **2. Tell us about your saes carrier :** 
    **3. Previous gang or squads(include leaving reason):** 
    **4. Have you ever been banned from SAES(if yes please explain):** 
    **5. What Does DM mean and give an example:**
    **6.What Does Roleplay mean and give an example:** 
    **7.What Does Avoid Arrest mean and give an example:** 
    **A. Tell us 3 of Bank Robbery Rules:**
    **B. Tell us 3 of Turf Rules:**
    **C. Tell us 3 of Gang Robbery Rules:**
    * **3-Additional Informations**
    **1. A Character Backstory ( must be suit for our role ) :**
    **2. Explain CripZ's roleplay with your own words:** 
    **3. Why do you want to join CripZ:** 
    **4. Why should we accept you:** 
    **5. What is your strenghts:** 
    **6. What is your weaknesses:** 
    **7. Post your screens when you hanging with CripZ(use spoiler):**

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    Join us on discord:

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