Reporting Z|Fugitive for Flamming/Racism/Insulting

  • So this starts when I was about to check @Fugitive propriety where I told him I won't to buy. While that he put the house on public sale where I bought without check that it costs 3m, at that point I don't have reason to complaint that was my fault, but peacefully I ask him if he could return 1.5M for the house back, where he said yes, after tought again I decided that I won't the house totally were I ask him if he could return all the 3m for his house again where he indeed started writing a lot of racism and insult quotes that shouldn't be normal for a guy with that status on SAES, including being part of an official gang with that behaviour. It's not about the house or shit money, it's about the actitude, in my opinion this acts need to be reported because we never know if he decided to quote racism insults over and over again to me, he could to that to someone else tomorrow... Hope you learn with that, the actitude value more then any dollar.


  • Thankfully, I've not been part of any in-game drama for too long, until today that unfortunately I'm part of one.I specifically asked your friend pewd and not you(you're saying above that I told you to come and buy the house), to help me get rid of the house within its max value, 3M, and after he rejected to buy it I pointed out that I'll place it for a public sale so a potential by-goner would buy it for that price(3M).Right then, you pop up and you buy it , telling me that you thought I would sell it for 1.5M. Afterwards, you're asking me for 1,5M in return, I hand that over to you and you have the nerve and the courage to blame me publicly, while I mentioned at least 5 times that the price that I'd put for that specific's house sale was 3M and I returned to you the money that you paid by your mistake? You shouldn't have made this step,since it's obviously over the boundaries and you're just making a fool of yourself right now.


    [2019-03-03 04:18:38] [Output] : Local: Z|Fugitive: you can have this one for 3m
    [2019-03-03 04:18:45] [Output] : Local: [WA]PewD|TF: na dude i cant xD
    [2019-03-03 04:18:50] [Output] : Local: [WA]PewD|TF: no more richman houses
    [2019-03-03 04:18:54] [Output] : Local: [WA]PewD|TF: i got one near here too
    [2019-03-03 04:19:04] [Output] : Local: Z|Fugitive: ok
    [2019-03-03 04:19:04] [Output] : Local: [WA]PewD|TF: thats
    [2019-03-03 04:19:07] [Output] : Local: Z|Fugitive: I'll leave it
    [2019-03-03 04:19:09] [Output] : Local: Z|Fugitive: for public sale
    [2019-03-03 04:19:17] [Output] : Local: [WA]PewD|TF: gl xD
    [2019-03-03 04:19:27] [Output] : Local: [WA]Kalashrie: 3m bro
    [2019-03-03 04:19:32] [Output] : Local: [WA]Kalashrie: ojh wait
    [2019-03-03 04:19:34] [Output] : Local: [WA]Kalashrie: wait


    About Racism, I am deeply astonished by the overall contribution that Portuguese people have had at this server, from my POV , they are just great and you seem to be the first one that is not great at all, my words are quoted right at your screenshot, that I'm fond of the general portuguese community in saes and you're just shitting on their reputation overall.Some logs are provided in the spoiler for those that didn't bother opening his imgur link.


    [2019-03-03 04:25:22] [Output] : Local: Z|Fugitive: disgrace to portuguese people
    [2019-03-03 04:25:30] [Output] : Local: Z|Fugitive: they're all so good
    [2019-03-03 04:25:34] [Output] : Local: Z|Fugitive: and you're a piece of shit


    Continuing, I do not give a damn about in-game currency, I have never been into housing or into auctions at a depth that I'm aiming to make money, like you obviously do, on the contrary I just wanted to get rid of the property, I even gave you back some amount of money that practically shouldn't have, in order to prevent you from moaning or trying to throw some dirt up on my name. My goal was saving some of the precious time that Admins and Community Staff invests, so they don't bother with a report that doesn't have any solid ground. Your english knowledge is obviously not enough so you can understand short and simple sentences, while in the meantime you engaged on your own in a dialogue and filed a report that the basis of it is invalid, which is practically too stupid. I do not have anything to learn from you or your attitude or using the report as a tool to "punish" me, I admit that I lost my cool after I spending 10 minutes trying to find some reason in what you were talking about(telling me that you'll report me for scamming even after I gave you the 1,5M that I didn't have to) and that's it, nothing else was wrong. Stating that you're a disgrace to the portuguese community of SAES is my opinion and I am allowed to state it.Only thing I got to learn is not to waste my "breath" or more likely my fingers typing and trying to inject some braincells to someone that obviously doesnt have them.

    Last but not least, when someone insults or talks shit about you, consider trying to figure out the reasons that he does it and by talking with him focus on preventing him from doing it in the future, you're looking like a child in a kindergarden that called his parents cause he got hit by someone else.

  • As I told you on the past post, the thing here ain't about the money or the propriety It's about the way you threat the situation by breaking not only a server rule as also an wrong human behaviour by stating things as "Mentally disabled portuguese trash". Also I have an ask to you, stating about "you seem to be the first one that is not great", in your work/school outside the game, you did regular have that insulting/racist actings even if you dont like someone? You could simply do as I've done talk to me peacefully and say yes I wil or not do that with you, but othrwise you decided to act like a mom kid without the lollypop on mouth.

  • This post is deleted!
  • report has been dealt with.