"Abusing" /eject

  • Hello there,
    This is just my opinion and don't take me wrong in any way.

    In recent days I have noticed that policemen who are inside a car chasing a criminal who is on foot been using /eject a lot which provides a more easy way to arrest the crim, but i don't think cops in real life don't jump out a car driving at 120km/h just to arrest a crim.

    What i'm suggesting is that everyone only can use /eject while stopped and not driving at 120km/h as i said before.

    Thank you for your attention

  • Oh man the real life discussion again lets get the 50 comments of real life comparation going guys (pulling out CS/M4/Sniper/Nades from the pockets,behing in a carcrash at 200kph and just being able to drive it off do i need to keep going to show how useless this "real life" fight will be just like the 40 times it was before ?)
    On a a more serious note its not abuse its more of a strat to actually use the script in a way to help you u can do the same as crims to kill the cops faster aswell.
    The script can be used for both sides you just need to know how to use it , you can even use it on the vip mission if u are the driver and your friend got the vip for a faster delivery

  • "Real life" argument aside, the /eject command is pretty abusable. I guess it makes sense only allow it when the car is fully stopped.

  • @Crash

    I would disagree with that actually, no script should be used to get any advantage in the game, including to "move quicker".

    The same way you are not supposed to use /sell to get up quicker when you are on the ground, you shouldn't be able to use /eject to leave the car quicker as well to get that advantage.

    Both are scripts and can be used to move faster but one is considered bug abuse and the other one is "strategy".

    You should either allow every script exploit or restrict all of them, not cherrypick which script is good or bad for our personal gains.

    Restricting the eject function to slower speeds, if not at full stop should be the way to go imo.

  • @kipt said in "Abusing" /eject:

    "Real life" argument aside, the /eject command is pretty abusable. I guess it makes sense only allow it when the car is fully stopped.


  • I think the suggestion is fair enough and developers can easily fix it right?

  • "cough" @Crash "cough"

  • Ted, sit down. You were using this a lot when you were SWAT now all of a sudden you leave and change your opinion.

    Back to the topic.
    Grenades and vehicles. That's why we use it.
    To avoid dying in a big clusterfuck of raining grenades.

    When you park your vehicle and wait for people to leave, this opens up a solid window of 2 seconds for the crims to throw nades and nade the patrol vehicle and explode it. Not to mention, pretty much everyone will get killed. It doesn't require skill to throw 5 nades all together and watch the firework go down. So you may say, well then park further away. No our taser is not a sniper rifle, a crim would again win that fight. We want to get as close as possible to crims.
    If we can't do that, then this would turn into 'who can kill who first', and you'd see another topic in a month about cops not trying to arrest anymore.

    Because no one in the right mind would run 200 meters to a crim to try to tase them with a taser the range of a water pistol.
    If eject script is going to be removed, I then suggest to remove grenade damage to vehicles. That's the only way I can see this working out.

  • @Silence regarding to removing the script. That's not my suggestion because I also agree that you will get rekt by nades but I'm talking about only ejecting while the car is stopped

  • @Cruz Then what's the point of this? We might aswell leave the vehicle manually then. The point is to be mobile at all times and never stand still, as this opens up time for crims to shower police with grenades.
    We already are outnumbered 1:4.

  • @Silence the point is that you still don't have to wait 4 seconds and u can easily move after the ejection while stopped

  • @Cruz Have you ever tried ejecting 3 people at the same time while standing still? They most often freeze mid-air and can't move for several seconds. It's bugged. Again. Nades.

  • Don't come with excuses I did play in both sides so I do understand how criminals feel during these moments.

  • Somewhat unbalanced suggestion considering criminals only use the /eject function while their car is stopped and a cop is in process of entering the car, to which they eject and save everyone in the car from getting arrested except the driver. It is evident that with time, players found different uses for the script than were intended upon its release (which is not necessarily always bad), however pretending that it only offers advantage to one side is just as wrong as it is untrue and nonsensical.

  • So yeah if its about real life, if you get drunk do you get more speed in reallife? Why do drugs in saes make you faster then? Both sides are taking advantage of it. The same thing goes for /eject.

  • If you are a smart ass you use m disable mods to warp out of the ride after this gets patched

  • Its not abusing, its just one of the tactics which is available to everyone, even crims.

    F.e. - Cop is chasing a car with 4 crims in it. The driver can easily eject 3 crims outta car in order to destroy cop's car and kill the cop.

    Same case for cops.. so stop bitching and play the game by your experiences, tactics and not by complaining for every shity thing.

  • Yes, Patching it with kipt suggestion would solve it. Unintended behaviour which can be compared to using /sell or /offerbribe to get yourself up faster.

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