Emperors MC
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    In early 2016 Shane Johnson (Milan) became friends with the founder of Trailer Trash, (Reaper). This friendship came about through a conflict inside and outside the motorcycle club, and joint friends who were part of this motorcycle club. There were also family members who reinforced this bond, especially mutual cousins , who later became the founder of Calo Sinto, a chapter of Trailer Trash in Spijkenisse. Iwan later became the co-thinker of the name 'Caloh Wagoh'. Shane Johnson was drawn by a stranger into the MC world through this offered help and friendship that came out there. The formation of Trailer Trash Main Triad MC was in full swing. Trailer Trash emerged from a number of chapters at that time, such as Los Santos, Las Venturas, San Fierro and Bone County. Main Triad had Flint County, Red County, Tierra Robada, Whetstone and DezZolation Island. From day 1 these two TT departments were under two so-called 'Fundadors' (founders), separated by two colors of the colors: white and navy blue. The part of the MC with 'white' colors was led by Iwan as Fundador and the 'blue' part by Fundador Shane. Because the blue colors, (a slightly tighter approach of the OG Crisps) something more attracted to several prominent members, decided Iwan several members with 'white colors in consultation with Shane also blue to wear. Especially Nomad Leen, a prominent TT officer, was attracted by this development.

    There were rapid conflicts caused by these abrupt changes, which caused the TT, how Iwan led it, to fall apart. After weeks of negotiations between Shane, Reaper and Iwan, they could not agree on the new policy. As a result, Reaper walked in with his chapter and Shane, because he felt that if the 'motorcyclists' get out there was no Motorclub anymore, he also decided to stop working with Reaper. By joint cousin Iwan, Shane decided to continue with an MC, with the help of in particular Nacional Alex 'Big Cuzz', a then TT member and good friend of Patrono Shane and Fundador Reaper. This resulted in a friendship of Shane and Zek who then decided if they wanted to do something new, they could do it together. After months of discussions about this new MC, eventually Emperors MC was born. A motor club shaped by Shane and Zek, but not to mention also by intensive help from brothers like Bazuka.

    The colors Brown - Red and well represent the Emperors. There was a lot of loyalty to the creation of the colors. Because the golden color had been in the hands of TT for years, but because Rollin 40 NH Crisps in LA, alliance of Main Triad Rollin 200 NH Crisps from Las Venturas, also used gold brown, it was more than logical that Shane would also use these colors. handling for his MC. Reaper understood that.

    The Midpatch image is also a thin hein, a design designed by Bazuka, initially as an 'ink' gang Tattoo for the Main Triad NHCs. There are several members of Crisps with this tattoo, years before an MC sprint would come. So that was also understood by Reaper, who used a similar image for his TT, as a logical choice.

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    Date of Creation: 14-10-2018

    Gang Name: Emperors MC

    Gang Tag: [EMC]Name[Rank]

    Gang Panel: Emperors_MC

    Gang Cash: 10.000.000

    Motto: We're not led by the road, We lead the road

    Gang Level: 0

    Color Code: #330101

    Members Count: 3

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    The Prezident / level 5

    ( The person who leads the organisation )

    The Vice Prezident: / level 4

    ( The right hand of the prezident/ second leader of the organization, also leads gang members )

    Secratery: / level 4

    ( The person who helps the gang in gang meeetings and debats )

    Headquarters / level 3 or 4

    ( Helps everyone inside and outside the gang with problems/questions. )

    Road Captain / level 3

    (This person leads everyone during road trips )

    Veteran / level 3
    ( The person who is for a long time in the gang and have much knowledge about the gang )

    Treasurer / level 3

    ( The person which is helping the MC with money problems )

    Chaplain / level 3

    ( The person who is linked with society and the approach of the gang)

    Enforcer / level 2

    ( The person which leads and trains other members en prospects )

    Sergeant at Arms / level 2

    ( The most important members which are selling arms during activities)

    Members / level 1
    ( Professional bikers which have learned enough in the gang and earn a spot as member )

    Prospect: level 0
    ( newbies which found their ways in the MC to become a professional Biker )

    Level 5:

    Milan / Prezident

    Level 4:

    Reaper / Vice Prezident
    Halko / Secratery

    Level 3:


    Level 2:


    Level 1:


    Level 0:


    VIP Members:


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    *Application Results
    Accepted: You have put much effort in making this apply for joining this gang
    Pending: We didn't have seen you on your best yet, show us you can more
    Denied: You haven't put much effort and haven't showed much interesses for joining the gang, try another time and proof us we are wrong.
    Blacklisted: Never apply for this gang anymore (reasons can be private)

    Application Format

    Languages Spoken:
    Have you ever been kicked/banned, if yes why?:
    How long have you played on SAES so far:
    Name your previous G/S/C:
    Reasons why you left/kicked:
    Optional Information:

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