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    D. Thorne

    Devin "JohnT" Thorne,
    Chief of Forensics,
    Forensic Science Division.

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    Involved players: @Supreme @Wave
    BackStory: It's a morning of Monday me working in Lab and Police Officer came to me and giving information about his body. I starting to autopsy and I found his DNA and Cells dead. He was killed less than 2hrs after driving the car. after collecting evidence and saving in data of lab.
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    Involved players: @Supreme , @MrTheBank [SAFD] , @Peter
    BackStory: It's was 11.30 am The Fire and Rescue Department had earlier reported. One person was killed by fire
    at his house. and police found about contraband after police had collect evidence about him and gave to me
    and let's fingerprint Identification and I found a substance in weapon and I giving information to police.
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    Activity name: Missing person report.
    Involved players: @Stay, @Rocoso, @Zodiac, @JohnTurner, @Temi, @Glayd
    Story and screenshots:

    By order of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Forensic Science Division (FSD) was dispatched to investigate a missing person report. The person was last seen entering one of San Andreas Cloud Airlines' planes.


    Upon arrival the FSD officials met with the airline staff who were very cooperative and friendly. Their story however didn't quite add up. The subject, one Peter Brooks, was reported to have boarded the plane from Whetstone Airport to Las Venturas, however he never arrived at his destination.

    Furthermore unidentified individuals dressed in black suits were seen expecting Brooks' flight. The staff claimed ignorance but the FSD officials were not satisfied.


    We investigated the plane in question and found traces of blood near the baggage area. Again, the airline employees claimed to not know anything about it but we pressed on and eventually got a confession. Peter Brooks was indeed murdered and airline staff was forced to remain silent about it under threat of their lives. The corpse was said to have been thrown off the plane which explains the blood in the baggage area.


    After gathering some more information and triangulating the possible position of the corpse we narrowed it down to a barn northeast of the Whetstone airport and left for it immediately.


    Sure enough we found the subject's body near a barn in Red County. The body was in a surprisingly good shape so we immediately collected all notable evidence and prepared for departure.


    We loaded up the body and evidence and left for the laboratory.


    The body was brought into the laboratory for analysis. Several bones were fractured with a large amount of damaged tissue in the abdominal area. Three gunshot wounds were found on the back of the victim meaning that he was killed before being disposed of.


    Looking through our databases however revealed something strange. There were only two persons named Peter Brooks. One is a priest in the busiest speed marrying church in Las Venturas and the other is a cab driver in Liberty City. Both entirely unrelated to our guy and both decidedly alive. We checked the fingerprints on the corpse and found out that our victim was actually a guy named Phillip Jacobson. A former FBI agent who was suspended for leaking confidential information. He was demoted and sent to Los Santos to work with the local police who were told to keep a close eye on him. We contacted his former workplace and found out that he had ties to several crime syndicates, he kept some connections secret and some not under the guise of "trying to gain their trust to dismantle the organizations". He bribed some of his colleagues and threatened others in order to keep his shady dealings going while at the same time soliciting with several syndicates many of which were rivals. We looked through the plane once more and found footprints of expensive designer shoes that are known to be part of the signature style of one of the syndicates he cooperated with.

    Thus we concluded that this was a revenge murder and sent all of our evidence to the FBI to add to the ever expanding pile of resources on the syndicate in question. The murderer of this particular case has not been found but here's to hoping they will be brought to justice once the syndicate is eventually dismantled by our colleagues in local law enforcement and the bureau.

    This concludes our report.

    D. Thorne

    Devin "JohnT" Thorne,
    Chief of Forensics,
    Forensic Science Division.

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    Event Type: Last Man Standing 🔫
    LWS/G6: @I-Gun
    Prize: $1,000,000 💰
    Winner: @Yoko_Kurama

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    Event Type: Hide and Seek 💨
    LWS/G6: @Yoko_Kurama
    Prize: $1,000,000 💸
    Winner: @Cobra