Armed and Unarmed for Spawn with Weapons

  • So this is something that is bothering me for a long time.
    why Spawns with weapons dosen't have a second "Unarmed" option so you can able to store your weapons ? Here's a example on the Spawn screen.

    alt text

    So with the "Armed" option,you would Spawn with the respectives weapons of that spawn but unable to store it.

    Now with "Unarmed" option,like the name says you would Spawn unarmed but being able to store your wepons.

    What you guys think ? leave your vote and comment if you think it can be improved or changed.

  • That's cool but are they gonna approve it?

  • Nice idea

  • if so, i would like to be able to buy a nightstick. otherwise i cant do my job.

  • @iStar said in Armed and Unarmed for Spawn with Weapons:

    if so, i would like to be able to buy a nightstick. otherwise i cant do my job.

    Good point

  • @iStar yeah,puting it for sale at ammunation would fix that

  • Do you mean that there should be an option for g s c or group spawn that has weapons to spawn without weapons? Do you mean that, please explain.

  • @Skerdi Yes like i explained above, you would Spawn without weapons but with the ability to store weapons like the criminals Spawn.

  • Why would you want that?

    It's such a small use case. If you want to be able to store weapons after buying them spawn as a criminal to do the buying, if you're worried you're taking too much out and want to be able to put them away just take out less.

    Seems like a lot of work implementing a feature with a very niche use case.

  • @Joe well not Always i know exacly how much ammo i'm gonna use,so i end up getting too much or too less,so i either lose it all because i can't store or ran out of ammo in the wrong time.
    if that is "Small case" then Respawn at last Spawn would not be a thing.

  • I'd rather make implementation of system that you can store anything you buy in any spawn, then making 2 separate spawns just to buy weapons. The system would have info on which weapons you spawn with and how much ammo do you spawn with. Then, when you want to store it, if you have more then you spawn with, you can store it. For example, you spawn with 200 bullets of combat shotgun, but you currently have 1000 bullets with you. System would allow you to store 800 bullets of combat shotgun, or any other shotgun, if you hold sawn-off, for example.

    I, personally, don't even buy weapons at all, since I already spawn with all the ammo I need. But I see your point, though, I'm not sure I like the idea of 2 spawns.