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    It all started in 2010 when a civilian, which was facing a huge economic crisis, with all the debts and the need to invest in his only little daughter this “civilian” became a criminal, unknown by all, making money and running his business in the shadows. The few people who knew him treated him by Tifu, which means “Today I F*ucked up”.

    Tifu (username: tifu) earned his money by making small drug deliveries, such as: cocaine, weed, heroin, methamphetamine, crack, LSD, but mostly Ecstasy. Without ever consuming them, he started his own business by himself and had no members. He usually delivered the car orders to teenagers in discos and to regular customers.

    He didn’t believe that the payment he was receiving was enough considering the difficult of the job, it was barely enough to pay for his sweet daughter education and food, Emily (username: ziniwini). With the goal of making more money and transform his small business in to the worlds most influential drug transportation company, he allied with Maia (username: maiapt2) which was already in the drug business for 3 years being a drug addict himself. These two partners gave themselves right away, creating a great relationship of friendship that was essential for business.

    Two years later, Tifu commanded Maia to get a huge amount of ecstasy in to the city of San Fierro for the first time, it was a risky step for them because they didn’t know the city as well as Las Venturas, their main city. Unfortunately, when Maia got there he was caught by the police, being immediately put behind bars in the severe prison of Los Santos. Tifu, taking notice of this incident, starts to go crazy and takes the initiative to save his faithful friend, decides to recruit a group of criminals and to starts to plan the prison break.

    Six month of big preparations and training, the day to rescue Maia came. During the night Tifu and his crew got to the prison by helicopter and using only brutal force they killed all the prison guards and those who got in the way. After only 20 minutes they managed to rescue Maia and get out of there alive. Everything was going according to the plan, although when the crew got to the helicopter the Los Santos Police shoot at the helicopter blowing the vehicle up, killing almost all the criminals. When hope was lost, Gui (username: guizaotheboss) showed up with an armored car and took Maia and Tifu to safety. When they arrived in Las Venturas, Gui offered them shelter and protection along with Gouvix (username: gouvix02) that was a veteran.

    Nine months passed the heist, the four member found a hacker, that was named Pinto (username: meinfuhrer) cleaning all the criminal record associated to them in the LSPD (Los Santos Police Department) network. With their records clean, the team of only 6 members created their own gang known in the streets by: Slaaneshs Servants. This gang tries to remain in the shadows, unowned, and profit with the delivery of big quantities of drugs in their black Sultans.

    Tifu as a leader, decided to name the gang this way since Slaanesh (Slaa meaning “ecstasy” or “pleasure” and Neth “lord”) was a demon which could shape ships into anything (male, female, animal, …) and everything he does, everyone he kills and everything he destroys brings him pleasure, starting to get addicted to it. Just like Tifu who had to overcome so many adversities started to get slightly mad killing and torturing everyone who got in his way.


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    • Take over the Las Venturas drug business: Our main goal is to become the biggest drug gang in the city of Las Venturas, in order to do that we must work together and deliver a lot of drugs to the clients with the Sultans. With that we want to spread the message for our Lord and give all the other humans pain and misery.

    • Assault: When we are not working, we team up all in the same vehicle and rob stores and do some bank robberies to get more money and then invest the money on the gang.

    • Arms Dealer: Sometimes our job gets a little bit messy, because of all our enemies and the police. So, our solution to that is to kill all the people that get in our way, to do so we need to buy guns and sell some to others.

    • Trucker: After some time in the transporter business, we became smarter. So we came with a conclusion that we could hide our drugs on the load of the truck, without being seen by the police.

    • Jail breaking: Since we got a hacker in our team we have facility to get someone out of the prison. We often go together to the prison and use all the brutal force that we can to get someone free.

    • Drug Dealer: Sometimes is hard to find some good drug dealers, so sometimes our members, instead of selling drugs to dealers, they sell directly to the costumer.


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    • Pay 50k per week to the gang

    • Respect the hierarchy

    • Follow the server rules

    • Do role play all the time

    • Respect all players

    • Try to play together as much as possible

    • If you planning to go inactive for more than a week inform the Coordinator

    • If you are spawned as a cop you are not allowed to arrest one of our members/allies

    • Do not abuse rank power

    • Do not ask for promotion, it will lower your chances to get promotion instead


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    Founder: tifu

    Co-Founder: maiapt2

    Gang Level: Lvl 1 > Pending

    Gang Alliance: N/A

    TAG: SS|<nick>|<rank>

    Gang Foundation Date: 12-4-2018

    Gang Motto: “Stare in the eyes of a god and fall to the abyss”

    Gang color code: #640846

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    Meda Archive Link: (almost ready)


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    Leader (Lvl 5):

    • tifu

    Co-Leader (Lvl 4):

    • maiapt2

    Coordinator (Lvl 4):

    • guizaotheboss

    Head-Transporter (Lvl 3):

    • gouvix02

    Transporter (Lvl 2):

    • meinfuhrer
    • ziniwini

    Member (Lvl 1):

    • manomatrik

    Servant (Lvl 0):

    • tedisntfat
    • pression21


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    In order to join us, you must do an application with this format:
    If you get accepted, you must do a quick test ingame with the leader/co-leader/coordinator.

    Distinctive Questions:

    • Ingame name:
    • Username:
    • Spoken Languages:
    • Age:
    • Server start date:
    • Previous organisations:

    Other Questions:

    • Why would you like to become Slaaneshs Servant?
    • Do you know any members of the gang?
    • To you, who is Slaanesh (use only your own words)
    • Do you have discord? What’s your username?
    • Evaluate your RP level from 0 to 10

    Current Status of the Recruitment: OPEN


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