James feedback

  • It is amazing how many person stare at what I do how much i Donate,I have the ability to do it without wasting anything from my personal life, case in point it's my money. my opinion Donating whatever amount even 1 GBP Help the Server that you love,And receive very nice gifts.
    my opinion Donating SAES RPG, is to help to keep the project going. So we have more fun and enjoy the new updates.
    Honest Personal Statement,SAES Administrator and Mr @Brophy never helped ICE to rise up level four official squad. Because i Donated, instead it was one very difficult way up.

  • Ignore others, James only talks shit because you donate to the server as you say if you donate is to collaborate with the server nothing more. ☺

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  • It's your money, so your choice. Same goes for the new ICE base. Your squad, so your choice for the appearance of your base. People will always have something to talk about.

    PS: that doesn't mean I agree about the parkinglot base and how you spent your money. But that's my opinion.

  • Just to clarify, no one is berating you for donating to keep the server alive. People will always have stuff to say. Just ignore it.

  • Its your money idk why people care about it,if you wanna burn it or flush down the toilet is your problem.
    (And burn or flush down the toilet is just a example,not saying donating to SAES is a waste of money,before anyone gets butthurt)

  • We appreciate any donations which keep our server running, it's why we have managed to say around for the last 16 years..

    And its these donations which gives the people the platform to state their opinion about random bollocks, even if it is to berate a player donating to keep the server they play on running 😂

    Great logic eh?

    Unfortunately @James , opinions are like arseholes, everybody has one...

    @Sam-B has it right, we've seen big donators come and go and had things said against them, lucky the majority of them ignored the keyboard warriors / haters

  • JAMES don't study the haters Ty for keeping on the lights