report to mon.laferte

  • ![report to mon.laferte Interventions to our work as a truck driver that caused damage to our vehicle and work that makes losing loads and is very annoying, Mon.laferte affects us ah my and ah two of our fellow truckers whose names are [7] EvozZ and JacobR, here is some evidence of what the user Mon.Laferte does not let us work on.]


  • Hey Zach,

    Thanks for the report. For minor reports like this it's better to report in game using /report as we do not have a record of the users account name.

    We cannot retroactively punish someone based on a display name unfortunately as these are ever-changing.

    If you encounter the issue in game in future, use /report - this will auto submit the logs and a screenshot if you have taken one. You can also just put your imgur link in the reports body.