• So, hi.

    Some people may know me, some may not. This is mainly for the people who know me.

    I'm back, sort of. I've been visiting a few times already, with each visit increasing my activity.

    I'll be assisting Rebels MC in getting back to where it was a few years ago and who knows I might become super mega active again.

    You might see me frequently, you might not. Depends on how much spare time I have. Hit me up on discord if you need me, I'll try to check that daily.

    And just to be clear: I'm not Rabbit, the Ex leader of FBI. You may know me as ex-HQ of FBI tho

  • Welcome back, long live Rebels!

  • good to see u again lilrab enjoy with Rebels MC

  • Hello my leader.

  • welcome back nigga

  • Sup lidl

  • Pal

  • i am always happy to see people beeing alive which played like 8 or 9 years ago. good old times. good old people.
    i can understand it very well if those veterans say they cant do much due to RL... i was thinking like "why are all those old people that inactive" like 7 or 8 years back. now i really understand..
    anyways im happy that even those veterans show up somehow.

  • @Funstein who dis, u not the funstein I know

    @iStar exactly, I didn't understand that a few years back either, now I do. Happy to see some old faces around too!

    @everyone else: thanks! Good to see you guys

  • whealcum back lidl