I've lost two houses. Bug!

  • Buying these houses : 1)https://saesrpg.uk/topic/6335/inactive-tr 2)https://saesrpg.uk/topic/6334/bc-inactive
    these houses somehow returned to their former owners. https://imgur.com/a/3Rvu6xp
    give them back to me pls!

  • There is a housing bug that Mega9 is trying to fix, people were constantly reminded in-game and on discord not to buy any properties until the bug has been fixed.

  • As Markus said, there was a bug which had a lot of properties on sale without the owner actually setting them for public sale. The bug has been deal with and the properties that were bought in the last 24 hours returned to their previous owners in order to avoid missunderstandings or unfair losses. Housing agents were told not to handle with any request until the bug was sorted in order to avoid this kind of things, but well, shit happens.
    However, due to the properties that you've lost being owned by inactive people, you can contact any Housing Agent in game and ask him politely to transfer them into your account once again. I could do it for you as long as you send to me your username.

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  • Yesterday the houses were sold. (Green icon). Groove Street has 2 houses and a big business and biker bar near Groove Street. Probably this is also a consequence of the bug.

  • The properties are now in your account once again. I'll lock this topic and I'll leave it here a couple of days so people know the procedure to follow if anything similar to this happened to them. In around five days or so, I'll delete this topic as well to keep the sub-forum clean.