• Hello there,
    As the title saying Housing limit, Well for me personally i see that housing limit which is 8 is insufficient for properties and i would like it to be raised more to 12 or 15 so everyone can be able to get their favourable properties without any problem. That's all.

  • You can't have everything in life.
    I suggest you pick the properties you really need and want and live with it, cuz I'm pretty sure that that won't change.

  • I get a bit frustrated with the limit , but if it got changed rich people would just stack good properties , maybe the limit should be only for businesses and u could have as many houses as u like , also u could only spawn on houses if it makes any sense .

  • @kipt I have 8/8 and still other props not added to my account also I want to buy other props and resell them to make profit and earn cash

  • No. Why?
    Because you can have in each city per one house which is enough, but yeah, you can have somewhere more than one, it's up to you.

  • Tbh, I think the 8 we have at the moment is pretty enough, as Laza said, you can have a prop in every city, this leaves you 5 more, if you want to "buy/sell props for profit" then just keep a few as important and use the rest slots to do the deals, you're not the first one who wants to make profit and earn cash via props, and I have seen many others rake up tens of millions by the current limit, I don't see why you can't do that, you suggest that we improve the server's housing limit so you, personally can earn cash? Imagine how horrible it would be when even more good properties would be taken by the rich guys and you can't find anything, this will horribly affect the new players / mediocre waged guys and promote property hoarding. I believe that the 8/8 is the perfect number. No offense, but when suggesting an idea, think for the whole good of the server, not just about yourself.

  • It has been reduced because there are many people not even have one property so do not complain about the current limit.

  • The limit was ajustes in order to prevent from 1 guy owning all the good property's.
    Current limit Stillgives u plenty of room to work with you just need to choose the way you want to go.
    Houses for ur activities or property's for future groups/gang .
    This gives more chances so everyone can own good property's
    Thank you

  • Focus on selling your properties before buying new ones, Steve. Pro tip^

  • If you are that interested in trading houses make a group for it and who knows maybe one day i get a script where u can have some propeeties under the group name and sell em with the panel 😇

  • Welp,I don't hate but why should we have 12 or 15 props,8 props are enough.Because when there is a bank robbery you can spawn right to the BR thats pointless on purpose.

  • more like it should be halved in my eyes 🤷

  • Give houses to me! #Problem solved #Close topic #Sorted #Done

  • I think the limit should be reduced to 6. So you can buy a house in every city that has a Bank. One player doesn't have to control a lot of better businesses or houses.