• I was just on and realized that people didn't actually know how to use / play with the target script.

    It's quite simple, to be honest. All you have to understand is that cops protect cops and crims protect crims.

    Let's say you're a policeman. Someone from your team (Police) grabs the hostage, you and all the other officers (Police and Official Squad team (maybe even HLS, Idk)) can escort the officer with (let's call "it") the witness to the extract point. There are 3 extract points on the map, you can choose any of them. Each team has 3 extract points, I guess. The blue ones for cops and the red ones for the crims.

    If the person that was holding the target dies, anyone near-by can pick him up and resume the event.

    • Extract Point in San Fierro docks - Crims
      alt text
    • Extract Point in Red County - Crims
      alt text
    • Extract Point near Abandonated Airport - Crims
      alt text

    When the officer drops the witness off, you and everyone from your team, that is in range, will get a monetary reward as well.

    Some FAQs, you might ask:

    • Can I shoot everyone near me during the event? Negatory. You may shoot only against the enemy team, cops or crims. And please make sure people are holding and / or protecting the target before you go on a killing rampage, to avoid dramas.

    • I got jailed during the event, what now? Go as cop next time. Arresting is more than allowed, so don't bitch around if you ended up in the can for being a bad boy.

    • How often are the events? Every 20 minutes.

    • I don't see the event starting for a while, what's wrong? You're either spawned as CLO, DE or civilian, or there are less than 8 cops in the server.

    • How close must I be to get the money reward? 50m of the marker

    I'll edit it once I get more info. That's it for now. I guess you can leave your comments, questions and suggestion down below for @Mega9 to answer.

    Have fun

  • Thanks for the explanation 🙂

  • Every 20 minutes with a minimum of 8 cops. To get rewarded you must be within 50m of the drop off.