Tuga Thugs Application
By weedman665, in Gangs

  • 1.Personal information
    In-game name:MelodicPenguin52
    Account name:weedman655
    Real name:Travis M
    Languages spoken:English
    When did you start playing MTA?: 2 weeks
    How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG?:1 week
    Do you have Team Speak 3?:
    Are you active on SAES Team Speak?:
    Do you have IRC?:
    Are you active on SAES IRC?:
    What previous gangs/squads/companies have you been in?:
    Why did you leave?:
    What previous gangs/squads/companies have you been warned/kicked from?none
    And reasons?:
    Have you been kicked/banned from SAES before? Reasons?:na
    Tell us something about yourself:im always a arms dealer

    1. Questionnaire
      Describe in your own words what is Tuga Thugs:A group of SAES
      Why should you be a Tuga Thugs Member:good aim
      Name three of your biggest strengths?:
      What is your biggest weakness?:
      What does role-playing mean? Give a detailed example of it:
      What does Avoiding arrest mean?:Running Away in a chase
      What does Death-matching mean? Give a detailed example of it:Shootin a afk player
      If someone starts DM'ing you, what are you supposed to do?:Report
      You find a player waiting outside the store rob marker, he wants to join at the end. What should you do?:
      If you see a gang member using his base to avoid the cops what should you do?:Report
      If you come across an AFK cop, what should you do?:ignore
      Have you read the SAES F1 rules page?:yea
      Tell us three Turf War rules:
      Tell us three Basic rules we follow
  • hi mens you can apply to tuga thugs here : https://saesrpg.uk/topic/37/tuga-thugs/218